I Know Better

Album: From the Sun (2008)
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  • By 2008, Ally McBeal had already been off the air for six years, but the show that gave Vonda Shepard her big break still wasn't far from the singer's mind. In fact, many of her post-Ally songs, such as "I Know Better," have a distinct Ally feel.

    "It's the kind of song that if Ally were still in production, David would have used," Shepard said in an interview with Anne Carlini.

    The back-story for most of Shepard's original songs, however, starts with a relationship. By the time she first released "I Know Better" on her From the Sun album in 2008, she was already married to music producer Mitchell Froom. She assured Songfacts the song is not about her husband.

    "I went back and kind of healed a past relationship that was unresolved. So it was great to do that and cut that person loose, finally. I mean, it's not like you're still in love with the person, but you feel weird about an unresolved relationship. And rather than have the conversation with the person who maybe wasn't willing to have the conversation, I just wrote it into a song," she said. (Here's our full interview with Vonda Shepard.)


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