Pretty Girls
by Wale

Album: Attention Deficit (2009)


  • This is the third single from Attention Deficit, American hip hop rapper Wale's debut album. On this track, Wale raps about the type of woman he has his eye on.
  • This features southern rapper Gucci Mane and Weensey aka Wink, lead singer of Backyard Band, a go-go band from the Washington, D.C. area.
  • The song samples Backyard Band's go-go rendition of The Moments and The Whatnauts track "Girls." The original soul number was a #3 hit in the UK in 1975.
  • Wale explained to MTV News how the song is a nod to the go-go sound that was prevalent in his hometown while he was growing up. (Check out E.U.'s 1988 hit "Da Butt" for an example of the go-go sound). Said Wale: "I brought Gucci on the record because when I was growing up, Master P, Juvenile and a lot of these other Southern artists used to play with the go-go bands. It's almost trying to pay homage to that era, when I came up. Now you can even see Jim Jones or Shawty Lo perform with some of the go-go bands where I'm from. This is my attempt to kinda show you that. I think we did a pretty good job of executing it - we gonna have some fun with pretty women!"


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