Make It Easy

Album: TV En Français (2014)


  • The song's music video features the We Are Scientists duo of Keith Murray and Chris Cain engaged in a low-budget space adventure. "It's a love song, but with plenty of ambivalence and frustration lurking around the edges," Murray explained to MTV News. "We figured a good way to illustrate that would be to use that old trope of a guy who gets involved with an alien woman on a foreign world after slaying all her friends. The seeds of disaster are planted right at the beginning for this young couple!"

    "It's a video about misunderstanding, conflict, and the fact that beauty can't be defined using limited cultural signifiers," Cain added. "It is also, of course, the sort of martial-arts spectacular not seen since Bruce Lee's heyday."
  • The song is a track from We Are Scientists' fifth album TV En Français. Asked by where the title came from, Murray replied: "We were in Miami doing photoshoots for the album artwork and we knew that one of the themes for the album was poor communication, the idea of being in a conversation and not really understanding what the other person was really saying. We saw this cheap motel on the beach in Miami that advertised that it had TV in French and we thought it was an interesting metaphor for poor communication between a couple."

    "It's like you're talking to someone, but you're not really catching what it is they're really saying, it's a bit like watching TV in French," he added, "When you watch TV in French you kind of get the gist of what's going on, but you're missing a lot of the nuances and core meaning."


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