Mutilated Lips
by Ween

Album: The Mollusk (1997)


  • This song is about hallucinogenic drugs and the effect they have on one's perceptions. The signer finds himself attracted to an ugly young woman, accusing a midget of starting war, and believing tentacles to be growing in his mind. The lyrics seem random and incoherent because they are: Acid is a drug, and drugs make you crazy. >>
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    Andrew - Abyss, PA

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  • G from Potomac, MdDoes "find me skull of Haile Selassie I" refer to anything? I know Rasta lost a lot of followers when the supposedly immortal Selassie died, in fact this was one of the main tenets of the faith which managed to survive this somehow. So is this saying "show me the proof that he actually died?" Was there controversy about it, his corpse never being seen by witnesses, etc?
    I agree that Ween really stands out above the masses who are their contemporaries. Beneath all the bombast and weirdness is good old fashioned excellent songwriting, melodic songs with strong hooks and great beats. They will never receive the credit due to them as long as we will all live.
  • Kristen from Philadelphia, Paprobally my favorite ween song.
    the mollusk is my favorite album
  • Ash from Mooroopna, Australiai dont think the song has a different tuning (nessie) however i think ween have done an amazing job writing this song, especially love the solo from Dean Ween
  • Eric from Fargo, Ndacid alone does not create or inspire songs because the song is always in your mind and the acid just releases it and Ween is a prime example of drug use as key to freedom
  • Nessie from Sapporo, JapanSean, I agree. This is one of their best songs. I particularly like the unorthodox open chords on the acoustic guitar. These are made possible by the non-standard tuning (guitar players will know what I'm talking about). That first note just blows me away. This is the best song on their best CD.
  • Sean from Brentwood, CaAcid alone would never inspire a song as odd and wonderful as Ween's "Mutilated Lips". Ween is an altar of strange in a sea of mediocrity.
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