Transdermal Celebration
by Ween


  • Transdermal means something (such as a drug) that is absorbed through the skin generally in a patch form. That makes it possible that this song is about a trippy, drug induced hallucination. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jeff - Garland, TX
  • Another possibility: The song title refers to getting a tattoo to commemorate something special. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Cerebral Lad - Victoria, Canada
  • Yet another possibility: The song is about nature and the celebration of embracing it if you could only see it's power and beauty. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Clay - Columbia, SC
  • While recording Quebec, Dean Ween got word from his roadie that Carlos Santana's guitar and equipment had arrived at a nearby storage locker. The band broke in and illicitly recorded the guitar solo for this song using Santana's guitar and amp, laying it down in less than ten minutes.
  • Australian filmmaker and devoted Ween fan Adam Phillips created the song's animated video.

Comments: 21

  • Rich from British ColumbiaDMT.
  • Markas from Crazy FloridaMy 2 Cents- Song is about opiates. 1)Fentanyl patches are one of the few "transdermally" administered and abused drugs. 2) "Awful domination" is exactly what opiates do to their user. Hallucinogens NEVER cause awful domination. 3) "shine their beauty unto me. I wish you could see them" is just what someone on opiates might say. 4) "spiked leaves" use of the word "spike" indicates shooting up to me. Rest of that verse could refer to track marks and poppy fields. 5) "but where is the mutation who once told me it was safe?" implies the speaker no longer feels what he is doing is safe as he was once told by someone who convinced him and got him to do it. Again this is quite consistent with many people's experience with opiates. After 30 years experience and hundreds of trips on every psychedelic mentioned in this comment section and many that weren't, I can say with confidence that this does not sound like a song about a psychedelic experience. I am not a recreational opiate user but have I helped a handful of people with their opiate addictions over the years and this song tells a tale of opiate use to me.
  • Mike from Winnipeg, Mb"Just because he means that something gets under his skin, it doesn't necessarily mean that he has some kind of path... you guys are too quick to think about drugs, so get off of them and actually think about the song? I'm sure you've referred to certain experiences as getting under your skin, almost like they have changed your entire perspective. I know I have and I don't do drugs.... Lets try harder at interpreting this song, and quit jumping to the easiest solution. Your ruining my favorite band for me."

    If you don't take drugs, great. But some great music has been made under the influence of drugs. If you can't see that, you must not really be a music fan. You don't have to take them to make a good song, and "Transdermal Celebration" might not be a drug song, but if it is, so what? Who cares? How does this affect you in any way? And why is it the "easiest solution" to interpret it that way? I find it hilarious that you're trying so hard to not want to believe that a song you like could be the product of a jam session influenced by acid. Guess what? Not all drugs and/or drug experiences are bad. Not everyone who takes acid is some moron that thinks he can fly and jumps off a bridge, like you hear about on the news.

  • Harley from Bend, OrI dont think its about tripping at all but but cuz they have tripped so much they are writing about things they have seen I think that they are referring to the jet streams absorbing into the skin in the lyrics-"Transdermal celebration, Jets flew in formation,I could see them,Dropping the crustaceans,Leaving trails of flames in their wake,But where is the mutation,Who once told me it was safe, I can't find him" jus sayin "It's awful domination
    Left the people running for the hills" (to find nature)
  • Sarah from Monroeville, AlAnd by the way, every song you listen to while acid is ABOUT acid... its part of the trip... I lied about not taking drugs before
  • Sarah from Monroeville, AlJust because he means that something gets under his skin, it doesn't necessarily mean that he has some kind of path... you guys are too quick to think about drugs, so get off of them and actually think about the song? I'm sure you've referred to certain experiences as getting under your skin, almost like they have changed your entire perspective. I know I have and I don't do drugs.... Lets try harder at interpreting this song, and quit jumping to the easiest solution. Your ruining my favorite band for me
  • Lucas from Shaker Heights, OhI've listened to this song while on acid, so yes, its about acid, and if you have never taken acid and listened to this song, then shut it
  • Brenna from North Attleboro, MaAnd also, this song doesn't describe an acid trip at all. Not to me, anyway. And they admit to writing the Pod while under the influence of ScotchGuard in multiple interviews.
  • Brenna from North Attleboro, MaTruly, I think Ween is supposed to be experienced and I think giving it a meaning would ruin the quality of it. Instead, listen to how it makes you feel. I know that sounds nuts. But don't try to make it mean something when really it could be anything. Boognish gave them this song, so I think Ween are the only people who know what it means and we should be thankful we were even granted the gift of hearing it.

    I know, sounds nuts.
    And screw drug induced bulls--t. It's just beauty in the simplest of forms.
  • Jennifer from Little Rock, ArThis song was given to Gene and Dean by Boognish himself. I will interpret only part of the song for you. The rest you must see for yourself;

    Transdermal celebration
    Caused a slight mutation
    In the rift
    It toppled down a nation
    And left the people running for the hills--all of the unnatural compounds entering your bodies is changing your genetic makeup making you unable to effectively handle natural pathogens. This will eventually cause civilizations to fall.

    Tectonic tribulation
    Formed a crust of green beyond the reef
    Waves fell in formation
    Cause the plants to bend with spi-ked leaves--There will soon be a time when Earth freezes again... immediately following earthquakes. The plants will adapt and live in the cold climates.

    Hey, hey,
    A billion miles to Mark A
    Lay on the lawn, he's already home
    When the morning ray hits his face--- we will be visited by interstellar/interplanetary/interdimension travelers who will assist those who have learned to see all possibilities, to survive.

  • Sean from Melb, AustraliaOh yeah...
    "Transdermal Celebration
    Caused a slight mutation
    In the rift".
    I'm assuming hes in "the rift" and put on a DURAGESIC or another Transdermal patch which has altered his trip or "the rift".

    Then theres a few metaphor's in there and he's just describing his trip.
    altered his trip or "the rift".

    "But where is the mutation
    Who once told me it was safe, I can't find him"
    Again assuming that one of the weens have given another a patch and said take this patch its safe.

  • Sean from Melb, AustraliaWeen didn't write the pod under scotch guard... people thought that from the album cover, which was really a weed smoking device.

    Obviously they do a lot of drugs, they couldn't be this good, or writing for this long without the influence of drugs... you'd just use up all your experience in a few albums if you did it straight.
  • David Cameron Morris from Sydney, AustraliaThere HAS to be a link between the work of Terence McKenna on DMT experiences (look it up on Google or Youtube) and this song. Maybe the song has multiple meanings but this is a bit too coincidental!

    To quote Terence McKenna, "The feeling of doing DMT is as though one had been struck by noetic lightning. The ordinary world is almost instantaneously replaced, not only with a hallucination, but a hallucination whose alien character is its utter alienness"

    Well that's my input anyway!!
  • Haydyn from Navasota, TxCome on guys, there are more words in the song than "Transdermal Celebration". Take those into consideration and rethink what the song is about. Figure it out on your own, it will do you some good, and I'm sure Ween would have wanted it that way.
  • Jon from Orchard Park, NyI agree with Gabe to an extent, I think a lot of their songs aren't about drugs, but that they have a deeper meaning than just being fun.
  • Logan from Belle Fourche, SdThis song is about tripping on DMT.
  • Ambrosia from Nantucket, United StatesA transdermal celebration literally translates into an joyous occassion marking getting under (ones) skin. Watch the video folks ( and the meaning will be clear.
  • Chris from Cedar Falls, Iagabe have you ever taken LSD? this song describes an acid trip in a nutshell!! and Matt it was their second album The Pod that they said they were under the influence of scotch guard and then they admitted that they really weren't they were just trying to think of the most sleazeball thing they could think of. i love ween.
  • Gabe from Richmond, Vawow guys.... wow....
    I think very few ween songs are about trippy, drug induced hallucination, they're just written with that sort of effect, in a way they use the drug thing to confuse, to wow, and to kind of just write funny songs....most ween songs are about well nothing at all.... but as of transdermal celbration... i don't think the song is ABOUT anything at all, just fun to write it I suppose...

    as for the transdermal part... yes you are right sure transdermal means passing through the skin... but more than likely it's a play on transcendental meditation, or transcendental, beyond limits of experience, yada yada, so transdermal celebration being, possibly a pun for a drug taking you there, ie tripping. a lot of drug references in ween, white pepper llallo, and the pod poppies, but I think they're for humor and the fact they play drug music, and no I don't think ween was on drugs when they wrote them... they wrote some music on drugs sure... the oneness...
  • Rick from Seattle, WaThis is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. It is more than likely about some sort of drug.
  • Matt from San Francisco, CaWell, it's a Ween song, which makes it highly unlikely that the song is NOT about a trippy, drug-induced hallucination. After all, these guys recorded their first full-length album while under the influence of (ahem!) ScotchGuard....and by all accounts, it's a brilliant album :-)
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