Heart Songs

Album: The Red Album (2008)


  • This ode to the soundtrack of Rivers Cuomo's youth lists all of the frontman's artists and records that have influenced him. He told MTV News that it ranged from "From Gordon Lightfoot's 'Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald' when I was 5 to Nirvana's Nevermind."
  • Rolling Stone magazine asked Cuomo how he chose which artists to include in this song. He replied: "The references in 'Heart Songs' came about very quickly, spontaneously, and with very little thought. It was literally "OK, I'm going to make a list of songs that I remember, chronologically, in a couple of minutes." I didn't go back and fill in any blanks or prioritize. So there are some songs that I just remember hearing when I was five, and some that were extremely important to me, and others that I didn't like at all, but they have a certain nostalgic value."
  • One of the songs Cuomo refers to in this song is Gordon Lightfoot's "Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald." The Weezer frontman explained to American Songwriter Magazine why this song was particularly significant to him as a child: "Music hits you in a heavier way when you're a kid, and that was what I was thinking back on - how I felt as a kid listening to the radio and records, going back as far 'Edmund Fitzgerald.' My family had a 45" of that song, and I remember it used to just scare me to death. It was so spooky, and just shook the foundations of my soul."
  • In the same American Songwriter Magazine interview, Cuomo was asked if he ever stopped to think that some of his younger listeners might actually run out and buy some of the records and acts he refers to such as Eddie Rabbitt. He replied: "No, I don't think I did! That song… I'm just really writing in my own little world, writing the song to myself pretty much. I'm sure those names are going to mean something different to younger people than they are to me. Eddie Rabbitt will mean nothing to them… or mean something different. But I remember being 10 years old and loving 'I Love A Rainy Night,' and it just freaked me out! It can't hit a younger person now the same way."
  • The album with the naked baby in 1991 that Cuomo sings about is Nirvana's Nevermind. >>
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  • Cuomo wrote this song in 2006 while he was on his honeymoon in Japan. Every afternoon, he would visit the local mega-mall that housed rent by the hour recording studios on the third floor, which gave him an outlet to record his new ideas, including "Heart Songs" and "My Day is Coming." >>
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  • Billy from Leesburg, GaI love the line "Debbie Gibson, tell me that you think we're all alone" because it was Tiffany that sang "I Think We're Alone Now"
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