My Name Is Jonas

Album: Weezer (The Blue Album) (1994)


  • This song tells the story of brothers named Jonas and Weepel reflecting on their childhood.
  • The lyrics, "Guess what I received In the mail today, words of deep concern from my little brother" refer to a letter Rivers Cuomo received from his brother Leaves after Leaves got in a car accident. >>
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  • Robert from Grandview MoGuitar Hero? Guys I'm jamming this one on ROCKSMITH !!!
  • Jon from Nashville TnLyrics interpretation:
    Carrying the wheel - doesn't make sense, things are harder than they should be. Coming to terms with adult life.

    Next stanza is literal

    Choo Choo train stanza - childhood imaginative perception of life leads to disappointment of reality as an adult.

    Verse two stanza 1 - childhood dream still calls to him though he can't go back.

    Stanza 2 - wheel is flat, etc... Same idea

    Next lines are literal. His brother is having a hard time as manager of a construction project and it's devastating.

    Of course, many lines can be interpreted metaphorically within the context and theme of the song.

  • Rotunda from Tulsa, OkI heard this song today on the radio & it got me to wondering about some of the lyrics. Some lyrics sound like there's a construction site & that type of work going on some where. "Workers are going home.....workers are going home....etc." Well, I went on the Internet to check the lyrics. Can't find any explanation for the song anywhere. But it's a very good song.
  • Raunchy from Tulsa, OkThis is a real cool song that I heard from my Dad's CD collection from his college days around 1994 or so. Then when Weezer released later albums, I became a true fan of their works on down to the present (2014). So, isn't "My Name is Jonas" actually about Rivers & his brother Leaves? I think they have some cool & funky names. Rivers' songs show a wide range from serious to light-hearted and I like that in a significant rock band.
  • Rotunda from Tulsa, OkYeah! I still have Weezer's Blue Album from 1994 & I love this song from it. It still holds up great here in 2013 too. Just last week I read an interview Rivers Cuomo gave to some music mag and he interpreted this song. Very interesting. The Songfacts background is interesting too because I never knew Rivers had a little brother named "Leaves." Unique name & kinda funky. It inspires me to name my first kid something "Preparation H." Now, I'm still a Weezer fan & follow the band on Facebook. Yeah-----as this song says, "I'm carrying the wheel....."
  • Miles from West Linn, OrMy name Is Jonas on RockBand 2is far superior toGH3 bullcrap :3

    Adore the song though. Hell, it even withstood the Jonas Brothers covering it! D:
  • Nathan from Warsaw, NyLOL i rock at gh to i play on expert and i usally hit about 90% notes its takes times to get really good its harder to get to play hard from playing medium. took me almost 5 mounths to play hard because of the pinkie its hard to get use of and if your stuck at medium just play hard and hit orange when u think you can thats how i did it
  • Grace from Malibu, Cais someone on strike or people getting laid off cuz it says "workers are going home" i dont get it. Someone please explain
  • David from La Mirada, Cathis was the song that introduced me to weezer. awesome band, awesome songs. 'nough said.
  • Jeff from Austin, TxAs totally gay as Guitar Hero is, I guess it's kinda cool that it has exposed kids to good music.
  • Alicia from Grand Rapids, MiIt reminds me of the book "the giver" by lois lowry. good book. i think maybe because his name is jonas and he's thanking the new giver for carrying the weight? maybe its like a continuation of the giver. weird. rivers has a brother named leaves? huh. strangely cool.
  • Angel from Pinson, AlThis song reminds me of a friend who passed away back when this song was popular, he was a drummer in a band and they covered the song. He got the nickname Jonus at this time. RIP Marty.
  • Daniel from Jacksonville, Fli've played this song on 100% on GH3...its a cool song, made me listen to more of the groups songs...
  • Awesome Bill from Dawesomesville , NcThis song makes me think of the book "The Giver".
  • Ian from Moline, IlI'm sure you're both great on this song in gh3. It's by far the easiest song to play. If we hear about guitar hero every time a good song is put in the game, this comment part will be totally filled with them.
  • Amanda from Evergreen, CoI totally rock this song on Guitar Hero 3!!!! it's amazing!!!
  • Matthew from Calgarythis song is awesome on Guitar Hero 3
  • Nick from Edmonton, CanadaOne of their best songs
  • Sara from Austin, Txi had no idea Rivers had a brother named Leaves.
    that is so cool!
    and i adore this song. one of my faves, definately. i always had a hard time understadning it, but with the one simple fact above, it helped me clear it up in my head. thanks!
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