Unfinished Business

Album: To Lose My Life… (2009)


  • Bass guitarist and lyricist Charles Cave told Q magazine May 2009 that this song is about "a boyfriend's ghost trying to communicate with the girlfriend who murdered him and has now taken to self harm." He added: "It's sort of our most humorous song. Well… in a way."

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  • Ross Clarke from Hayward's Heath Ash Grove White Lies is the best, amazing band and i love both of there songs including
    Fifty On our Foreheads
    Unfinished Business
    Time To Give
    To Lose My Life
    Morning In LA
    Never Alone
    Take it out on me
    Hold Back your love
    First Time Caller
    There goes our love again
    Bigger Than Us
    Farewell to the fairground
    Son Of The Gun

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