Album: Being There (1996)


  • Segments of the final version of the song are taken from a demo in which the members of the band are playing unfamiliar instruments. John Stirratt plays violin, Max Johnston plays bass, Jay Bennett plays drums, and Ken Coomer plays guitar. >>
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    Mike - Chicago, IL
  • Wilco drummer Ken Coomer recalled the swapping of instruments for this song during an Uncut interview:

    "Jay always wanted Jeff on the drums, which was fun. He's like a bad drummer in the best way possible. Some of my favourite drummers are bad drummers. I can picture him back there now, looking like a 12 year old with the sticks and the cigarettes hanging out of his mouth, banging away. And I would just jump on guitar and do my Sonic Youth impersonation. That became Misunderstood.

    I remember Jay got interviewed for some guitar magazine. 'How did you get that sound on Misunderstood?' He was like. 'You gotta ask our drummer.' I can play enough to be dangerous, but on that one I was just trying to make it wrong, and it came out right. That's a band experimenting."


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