Album: Let it Go (2008)
Charted: 33
  • Will Young told The Sun September 26, 2008 that this song was a struggle to write. He explained: "Grace took nine months to do. A friend and I were talking about something, and said 'Oh that person has no grace at all'. That word says so much about someone and I liked the idea of someone in the song getting their come-uppance."
  • Will Young said on his record label's website: "I think grace and charm are important qualities, they go with generosity, but it's about someone who has neither. There's a bit of personal hurt in that song."
  • This song's dark sentiments are counterbalanced by the uplifting "ooh-ooh" hook line. Young explained on his record label's website: "That hook came from nowhere. The best ones do. A lot of songs have been done around the piano. I used to like to get a groove going to get a sense of the story, what the mood was. This time it's been a lot more about the chords, finding proper musical movement."


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