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  • Will quotes a Notorious B.I.G. line from "Mo Money Mo Problems" about being on the cover of Fortune magazine, which actually happened to the rapper/producer. He told The Associated Press: "The line is, 'Willy be flossing. Geeking on the cover of Fortune. Five double-oh sending flows to Martians.' The fact that I sent a song to Mars is like 'Whoaaaa!' And then being on the cover of Fortune magazine and Biggie Smalls saying that in a rhyme never having been on the cover of Fortune was just like 'Whoa!' Just 'whoa' moments.
    "My music career had nothing to do with that," he continued "The cover of Fortune came from recent disciplines and sacrifices and dreams I've been having in the other part of my career. That's philanthropy, being an entrepreneur and thinking outside the box."
  • This song finds Will portraying his love for technology. The self-proclaimed technology geek has a role as creative consultant with computer corporation Intel, which he references in the line "I make a lot of chips, now they call me Intel."
  • The US word 'geek' meaning a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast originally meant a simpleton or dupe. It arose as a variant of 'geck' an English dialect term for fool. The late 20th century application is typically applied to technology enthusiasts.
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