Album: #willpower (2013)
Charted: 2 17


  • Will.i.am teamed up with Justin Bieber for this Dance cut about overcoming adversity. The Black Eyed Peas founding member told London-based radio station Capital FM that the song was recorded during the BRIT Awards in February 2013. "So actually we went shopping first," he explained, "and we were like 'hey, let's just have a chilled day' and we went shopping for shoes, then after that we went to the studio, watched the BRITs, recorded that and then trucked off to see Justin Timberlake perform. So that was a pretty full day."
  • The futuristic video features a Justin Bieber hologram and myriad will.i.am clones dancing in formation. "This is the best video I've ever been a part of," gushed Will during an interview on BBC Radio 1. "I don't like choreography. For me, I don't like having to practise it all the time. The Black Eyed Peas, we learnt from our mistakes with dancing, so for this video, we had a new choreographer from Japan who had these amazing, freaking synchronised, movements. It's very cinematic. We had crazy sound effects and cinematology. What you'll see is next-level effects."
  • Will.i.am admitted to Entertainment Tonight that it was a challenge to get Justin Bieber to appear in the music video because of the singer's busy touring and personal appearance schedule."[Justin's] on tour. It was tough to get this video [done]," he recalled. "I had to fly to Barcelona to shoot Justin Bieber then flew to Japan to work with Rio and the boys on the choreography for it. So it was a lot of trekking."
  • The other-worldly vehicle that features in the video was part of Will.i.am's project to get inner city kids inspired in math and science. "I made the vehicle because I want to teach kids in my neighborhood-science, technology, engineering and mathematics," he told Entertainment Tonight. "To go to an inner city and say to a kid you should be a scientist and not give them anything tangible that represents their education, that's a hoop dream.
    "So I decided to invest in a vehicle so that people who help me build that vehicle -- the chassis, the body, the interior, the shocks -- all that it took to make that you need to know some type of science, engineering and math to make a vehicle. It's a dream of mine, I'm not saying it's executed yet but I would like to put that as a tangible means of education in my neighborhood."

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  • Lynda Pratt from Stoke-on-trentPower song really really motivates me to walk over 10000 steps to help improve my arthritis and fibromyalgia and definitely puts a spring in all of my steps and I then do not feel my pain xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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