Album: There's the Rub (1974)
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  • In this instrumental song, the acronym in the title stands for "F--ked Up Beyond Belief." The song is basically a jam, and the title is probably the most accurate description of the state they were in when it was recorded.
  • This track led to the band's drummer Steve Upton being arrested on their 1974-5 world tour. In New Zealand, swearing in public is a criminal offense, and when Upton announced the title at an outdoor concert, a woman sunbathing in her garden nearby complained to the mayor. Upton spent the night in jail, and the album reached #3 in New Zealand due to the publicity. >>
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  • Human from Manchester, United KingdomSee also http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_zEXeY3UuJ8
    to see the original man on bass.
  • Human from Manchester, United Kingdom The power of Martin Turner's Bass is demonstrated in both the "There's the Rub" and the more recent Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash Versions.
  • Lester from New York City, NyGreat song. They really do it up live. Saw them a few times in the last few years (only one original member remaining), and they really rocked each time.
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