Final Destination

Album: The Heart of Everything (2007)
  • This song is based on the series of Final Destination horror movies. >>
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    Elizabeth - Old Town, ME
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  • Chase from New York, NyI love this song!!! Actually the song is about how someone cheated death and now fate is comeing after her and is trying to kill her, and now she's running from fate, which could end her life at any moment. She must find a way to make fate stop hunting her and turn it away.
    For me the song is like hardships or maybe even something coming after you. At the bridge of the song it says "But now I'll face what's coming my way, and I will let my fear fade away. What ever may be, I'll have to find out," that part makes me feel like it's time to face your fear and stand strong and be ready for whatever is to come.
    And I love the sound effects. The bells, the car crash, ambulance, the screech, and everything! And especially the guitar rifts. Absolutely a great piece of work by Within Temptation. I WISH THEY PLAYED THIS ONE LIVE MORE!
  • Mike from Evansville, InI definitely love it. It makes you think about the fact that death could be just around the corner at any given time or place. This song seems to be about someone who came frighteningly close to death and is traumatized and paranoid because of it.
  • Constantine from Nicosia, CyprusThis is definately one of Within Temptation's best songs. I can't imagine why didn't anyone comment on this song.
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