Come Closer
by Wizkid (featuring Drake)

Album: Sounds From the Other Side (2017)
Charted: 58
  • This dancehall-nodding track features Drake, who raps the third verse. It is the first time the pair had worked together since Drake's huge "One Dance" single from 2016.
  • Wizkid refers to himself as "Starboy" – a Jamaican slang term for someone who is seen as cool or important - in the first verse.

    Starboy, call me number one
    When mi tune drop, the girls, they bounce along

    The Weeknd also used Starboy as the title of his 2016 album. This did not meet the approval of Wizkid, who referred to himself as "the real Starboy" and called the Canadian singer a fraud on his Twitter. Starboy Entertainment is also the name of Wizkid's label.
  • Drake first played the song at an August 16, 2017 Summer Sixteen Tour afterparty in Detroit alongside "Fake Love". He also played the tune in February 2017 on his own OVO Sound Beats 1 radio show, at which stage it was titled "Hush Up the Silence."


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