We Run the World

Album: Topless at the Arco Arena (2009)
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  • Wonderlick is made up of some new media pioneers: Jay Blumenfield and Tim Quirk were members of the Alterna-pop band Too Much Joy before joining the Dot-Com boom in the late '90s. Blumenfield became a successful TV producer, and Quirk became VP of Programming at Rhapsody. Quirk told us about this song: "'We Run the World' began as a diatribe about a frat-boy-like quality I'd noticed in certain dotcom executives of my acquaintance, and ended in acceptance that trying to define yourself in opposition to such people is a waste of time - a way of avoiding your own responsibility for the way things are. The title is supposed to be a joke about people who really think that, but it turns out it's true, and you're one of them." (Learn more at wonderlick.com.)
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