Album: VHS (2015)
Charted: 20


  • This rock ballad finds lead vocalist Sam Harris singing of a child observing a potential breakup between his parents.

    Hold on
    Hold on to me
    Cause I'm a little unsteady
    A little unsteady

    The child senses the turmoil between his mom and dad and pleads with them to stay together for his sake.
  • The song features on the soundtrack of the tear-jerker romantic drama Me Before You.
  • Sam Harris and his brother Casey (keyboards) had to live through their own parents' marriages breaking down. Sam Harris explained in a video track by track: "'Unsteady' is a song about divorce and a family kind of trying to keep itself together. It's partially based on our parents' divorce and we tried to show as many sides of the story as possible, you know, from the mother's perspective, from the father's perspective and from the child's perspective. And, yeah, that was a pretty uncomfortable song to write but, because it was an uncomfortable topic, I felt like it was worth exploring."

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  • Jessica from VirginiaAs an Adult Child of Divorce myself, I relate a lot to this song. For any other Adult Children of divorce out there, please check out lifegivingwounds.org which is a ministry for helping us heal from this enormous and ongoing wound. God bless.
  • Cameron A. from Tennessee This song hits so close to home for me. I can’t listen to it without bawling. I lost my dad 3 years ago. Last words I ever said to him was “Daddy please don’t go”. I know he wouldn’t have gone if he wasn’t so tired. He fought so hard for so long.
    “Daddy, I know you’re trying to fight when you feel like flying. If you love me, don’t let go”.
  • Kathleen Taylor from Ellijay GaThe song unsteady is a song that I can relate to because I went through the divorce of my parents when I was 16 and it was the hardest thing ever on top of losing family at the same time
  • Jeff from RoswellYou know why this song is so amazing? It's because the meaning could be interpreted in multiple ways. At first, I thought he may be talking about depression. Then I thought he could maybe also be talking about how he was gay and talking about his parents dealing with it (him coming out). And now this makes sense (^ the explanation on the website).

    Btw, I don't know anything about X Ambassadors. So if he's straight, then that's why I didn't know. Lol
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