Never Change

Album: She Was a Boy (2011)


  • Yael Naim is an Israeli singer/songwriter who left her home country to pursue a career in music. She moved to France at age 20 and got a record deal with EMI. Her first album, In a Man's Womb, was released in 2001, but disappointed Yael, who decided she would be much happier giving up her dreams of stardom and making music on her terms.

    She Was a Boy was Naim's third album, and many of the songs deal with her life journey and the changes she's gone through. When we spoke with her in 2011, Yael told us: "'Never Change' speaks about me and my relation to people around me. It can be personal, like love or friends. I discovered that sometimes, close people, they can tell you everything, the good things and the bad things. And it's about the fact that sometimes you want to change, but don't want to destroy your life just because you have some really bad parts of your character. And then it speaks about how sometimes, even if you want to change, it's a very slow, slow process. So I just ask for, in this case, to be patient and some things are changing, but really slowly, slowly this time. And just about accepting the other in good time." (See our full Yael Naim interview.)


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