Album: It's Blitz! (2009)


  • Frontwoman Karen O told The Sun March 13, 2009 that this song and the lead single "Zero" were important to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new synthesizer driven sound. She explained to The Sun March 13, 2009: "Those were both songs we wrote early on for this record. Nick (Zinner, keyboards) started them off with a synth pulse which is amazing because Skeletons, for instance, is such an emotional kind of song. But the atmosphere he created with the synths and other instruments is different to anything we've written before. For me it's like an out-of-body experience."
  • Zinner told The Leicester Mercury that he brought along a synthesizer to work with during the writing session for It's Blitz, not expecting it to end up on the album. He explained: "That was an old keyboard I bought on eBay. Literally, it was the first day we were setting up, plugging things in. Ten minutes later, we'd written the song Skeletons. Obviously, synths have been in rock music forever. But to us it feels new, which is all we really care about – that excitement."

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  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThis song has a celtic feel to it, gentle love song.
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