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  • Guitarist Anand Wilder told the story of the song to MTV News: "I was trying to explore the idea of a song that didn't just have one chord in it. Because a lot of songs on the first album had maybe just one chord in it, or maybe just two chords. Maybe we'd go to three in the chorus. So I created this really long riff that went on for about 16 bars and had chords that were changing along with the riff."

    "And then I had this idea about writing a song about addiction - alcoholism - but kind of relating it to a way you'd get rid of a girlfriend or something. So we worked on that song for many months Upstate, in Woodstock, and threw a big beat over it. It became kind of like a early-'90s era Beck song, with a break beat over it."

    "And then when we brought it to the live setting, with our new bandmates, Chris [Keating, vocals and keyboards] kind of said, 'It's not a dance song,' and we were talking about how, on this album, we wanted to commit to certain styles for an entire song and not jump around. So, finally, I caved in. I only caved in after the Bonnaroo audience was so excited by our live version, and I was like, 'OK, I guess I lost that argument.'"
  • This was released as the second single from Odd Blood. The original '90s dance sounding version of this song can be heard as the B-side.
  • The song's acronym title is taken from its first line, "One's Not Enough."
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