Empty Apartment

Album: Ocean Avenue (2003)


  • This song is about an ex-band member. In an interview that comes on the CD, lead singer Ryan Key says the song is a very emotional song for the whole band. The line, "When you get lonely if no one's around, you know that I'll catch you when you're falling down. We came together but you left alone, and I know how it feels to walk out on your own," shows his sadness over his good friend's decision, and that he's always there for him. >>
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  • This was used on the teen drama One Tree Hill in the 2003 episode "Crash Into You."

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  • D from Melbourne, Australiayc are amazing their songs have so much meaning but the genius part about this song in particular is that anyone listening is able to relate to it in their own way which makes it so great, even though its actually about their ex bass player. the first chord in the song (A minor) straight away sets out the mood of the song which is cool i think. they are geniuses and everything they do seems to just work from the way they structure their songs, the little riffs/solos here and there, the violin, to the lyrics and Empty Apartment is a perfect snapshot of the genius of the group
  • Samwell from Puerto Princessa City, Paelow sa mga pinoy... ahmmm... i like this song...
  • Sarah from Brisbane, NhThis song to me, is very sad. Even know there is the obvisous message about the band member leaving Yellowcard, Im sure everyone can relate to it in there own way. For examply I relate to it from my father leaving our home when I was younger.
  • J.d> from Leawood, KsThis song is about my friends uncle leaving the band to become get a differnt full time job its called empty apartment bc when this song was written they could only afford and apartment and they didnt have enough money to buy anything for the apartment thus giving the name empty apartment
  • Shong from Wausau, Wiwhat can i say about this song...it's really good...wow...yellowcard just keep on rocking...this song is really emotional for some people...when i friend leaves...that's what i feel...like the second verse goes..."waking up from this nightmare, how's your life, what's it like there, is it all, what you want it to be, does it hurt, when you think about me, and how broken my heart is"...that's so true...when two lifes go in differnet places...you think about them...and hopefully things goes as plan for your friend...and his/her heart is so broken from the heartache from that friend...
  • Rachel from Sullivan, MoI'm aware that this song applies to an old band member of theirs...but I also think it can be intrepreted as a guy singing to a girl after they've split. He's sad because he misses her and everything they had, and he wants to know if it hurts her to think about him now. But she's alone also (hence, the "empty apartment") and since she's alone also, he wants to "take her away from that empty apartment" and remind her of what they used to have. Just a thought...I dunno...take it for what it's worth.
  • Ashley from North Lima, OhI love this song. It says exactly what I wanna say to my friend that is moving away. It is perfect. Yellowcard is a great band, the lyrics are the best part.
  • Nina Hikari from Nowhere, MoThis is slightly ironic, seeing as how another founding member of YC left. Ah well, YC rock anyway.
  • Matt from Coralville, Iathis is my girlfriend's "our song" for us. we think it cus its saying "take you away from that empty apartment, you stay and forget where the heart is." is like all the times i try to help her get out of her house to get away from it all for awhile. even if she doesnt want to, i do it cus i love her
  • -megan from OshawaI love this song with a passionn! Makes me cry for some reason.. I love it.. It's just a great song.
  • Manda from Mukilteo, Wagood job chris, you know ur stuff.
  • Tim from Sydney, Australiato me this song is about a girl who is maybe scared of openin up to her lover,thus the line 'u forget where the heart is'.all he wants to do love this girl for who she is but she is blocking him from that.thats how i look at it n think its a brilliant song.u can say the song is meant for the bass player n watnot but music has different meanins to different ppl,n thats the beauty of yellowcards lyrics,they can be taken so many different ways
  • Shong from Wausau, Wireally good song...i first listen to yellowcard when i went on a friends page...she had this song on her page...and explained that she had been going through some tough times with her friend...yeah really sad for goood friends like that
  • Chris from Belleville, IlThis song is not about the current bass player Pete who was a replacement. It is about the bass player named Warren who was one of the founding members of the band.
  • Anna from Louisville, KyThis song is about their bassist pete who decided to leave the band, but now he is back
  • Martha from Firebaugh, CaI love this song. Yellowcard is a geat band in my opinion.
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