Way Away

Album: Ocean Avenue (2003)
Charted: 63
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  • This is about Ryan Key, the lead singer, speaking to the idea that people are ultimately the masters of their own destiny. They're talking about really owning up to what you want to do in your life. He cites his own personal journey from dropping out of college to pursue his dream of being a songwriter, and the band's decision to leave their hometown of Jacksonville for California. "It's like, I'm not going to stay here just because you tell me I have to. A lot of those people who say that are doing the 9-to-5 and they're not happy. You have to do what you want to do," Ryan says. >>
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    Maryalice - Islip Terrace, NY
  • Ben Harper, the band's former lead guitarist, says this is also "about our band and facing the people who didn't believe in what we were doing. That's kind of like an ode to disbelievers."
  • Directed by Patrick Hoelck, who helmed Alicia Keys' "Girlfriend," the music video shows the band performing in front of the Super A Foods supermarket in Los Angeles, California.
  • This was used in the TV shows Smallville ("Extinction," 2003) and The O.C. ("The Outsider," 2003). It was also featured in the 2004 movie Sleepover, starring Alexa PenaVega.

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  • Meg from Jacksonville, FlThese guys have made a huge impact on my life and i will forever be greatful. i've listened to them since they first came out cause my older brother was friends with ryan. i LOVE the music and i hope they never change.
  • Ariana from Lima, PeruI agree with gabe. One of the things i love da most about this band is that u can actually see dat he really feels wut he sings and dat makes it more special, i guess..
  • Chloe from Hampshire, EnglandIn the chorus ("Way away away from here I'll be, way away away so you can see how it feels to be alone and not believe, how it feels to be alone and not believe anything") I think he's saying to everybody that the band left behind, that they went and followed their dreams and believed and those who got left behind are the ones who er left sour because they didn't believe and forgot what they really wanted. Its a good lesson really
  • Craig from Chester, Vai believe its talking about bein in a place that no one can harm you but you also cant help... thats just my opinion though
  • Gabe from Utica, NyI also think that this song has one of the best bridges in modern music.
  • Gabe from Utica, NyThis song is also great to wake up to. The guitar in this song is incredible. One thing I like about Ryan Keys is that when he sings he puts everything into it and really means it. And he's like that in the videos too. Especially this video.
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