Everyday We Lit
by YFN Lucci (featuring PnB Rock)

Album: Long Live Nut (2017)
Charted: 33
  • Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci hooks up with Philly R&B crooner PnB Rock for this song about partying. "Lit" is slang for when someone is intoxicated either by drugs or alcohol. Like many hip hop artists, Lucci and PNB Rock love to party every night and get "lit."
  • The beat was supplied by Texas producer June James, who also supplied the instrumentation for Lucci's "Key To The Streets" single. The Atlanta rapper explained to Genius how the song came together:

    "It was one night. Me and PNB we was just in the studio. We were pulling up beats as usual. It was a June James track again. We was liking the beat. We were just vibing, listening to it. We came up with it out of the booth, but once we got the hang of it, we went in the booth and just dropped it. Just like that. Just vibing. We ain't write it."


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