Album: Mirror Master (2018)
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  • "Simplify" finds Young the Giant's lead singer Sameer Gadhia reflecting on the unequivocal power of love in a technological age where there's so many points of conflict and everything seems to be scrutinized.

    "Everything in modern life is complicated," explained Gadhia. "Each decision divides into possible alternatives, reflections multiplying within themselves endlessly, like a room of a thousand mirrors. We construct images of how life should be lived: how to act, dress, tweet, and vote, and often times it is easy to lose your true self to the images we create for all to see."

    "But love is simple, and to love someone is to love all of humanity," he added. "It is the closest thing to truth, and even though love can be compromising, painful, and exhausting, we can only see our truest selves in the eyes of another. This is the essence of 'Simplify.'"
  • The expansive guitar-heavy song was co-written by Californian producer Alex Salibian, who is signed to Jeff Bhasker's production company. Salibian's resume includes work on Harry Styles self-titled solo debut album as well as co-producing with Bhasker Young the Giant's third album Home of the Strange.


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