I Kissed a Girl

Album: One of the Boys (2008)
Charted: 1 1
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  • At least one church objected to Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl."

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  • Rochelle from Ur Basementthe homophobes in these comments bro
  • The Dude from Doo Dah, KsBeen there, done that. Jill Sobule did it 13 years earlier and did it better.
  • Unknown from UnknownThis song is so not sh*t ok people. People who say this song suck should get a f**kin life!! I'm a girl and I kissed a girl before but not because i was drunk. I actually wanted to because us girls are so hottt. I'm not lesbian but i just think it's hot and nothing is wrong with it. Kiss a girl maybe you should try it and then tell me if this song sucks!!
  • Dee from KansasWhat is the song form of this song? Is it AABC? AABA? 12 bar blues?
  • Mark from Ann Arbor, Mohaha dude there is like "try listening to zepplin..." its way better than katy perry. thats just sum dumb thing to say you cant really compare the two, like I'd say zeppelin was better too but whatever, the fact that your like not katy perry but zeppelin makes me think youre really obsessed with like witchcraft
  • Kent Lyle from Cincinnati, OhTo my ears, this song is heavily overproduced and seems as if it is trying too hard, almost like it wants to hit you over the head. Very forced, with painfully obvious autotuning. The lyrics themselves actually say very little considering how "controversial" they are made out to be. For crying out loud, Jill Sobule recorded a song with the same title 13 years earlier, a much better and more thoughtful song I would like to add.
  • Rutba from Doha, Qatarnick and emily are right i also like this song
  • Azalea from Hot Springs, ArKaty never acctually kissed a girl. She got this tune stuck in her head. She later starting singing "I kissed a girl" just to play around. And the mangers said it'd make a great song.
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiai never understood wat was so special with this song.... i find this song a clumsy, ordinary pop number...
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlBottom line:
    catchy song, baddish lyrics, old music is better.

    much better (and this is coming from a 13yearold)
  • Emma from Brooklyn, NyI personally like this song... katy perry has better songs tho, so don't judge her because of this one.
  • Al from Seattle, Walyricaly gross, musically inferior
  • Austen from Fourwinds, TxGotta agree with Marley and Jeff. While Perry is quite beautiful, that does not make her music good. She has a lot of talent and throws it away on mediocre crap like this.
  • Marley from Springfield, NjThis song sucks. Try listening to something good like Led Zeppelin or Rainbow and you will wonder why you ever liked this music.
  • Paulina from Santiago, ChileI think this song was for her to have fun and make fun of the situation of kissing girls, boys, or whatever. She is not declaring anything with this song and even if she did, who cares? Is her life and she can do whatever she wants with it... and she is just writing a song xD..its not like she was actually doing it(and even so xddd) GOooo KATY !! YOUR MUSIC IS REALLY HONEST :P
  • Nicollette from San Fernando, Trinidad And TobagoThis song is so not sh*t ok people. People who say this song suck should get a f**kin life!!I'm a girl and I kissed a girl before but not because i was drunk.I actually wanted to because us girls are so hottt. I'm not lesbian but i just think it's hot and nothing is wrong with it. Kiss a girl maybe you should try it and then tell me if this song sucks!!
  • Nady from Adelaide, Australiaits a sh-t song. it's because of crap songs like this that I dont listen to the radio anymore. I mean, who gives a sh-t if this (morbidly untalented) chick kissed a girl?? I mean, jesus, keep it to yourself. 14 yaer olds devour this kind of sh-t and it makes me rather peevy, only because Im extremely passionate when it comes to music, and let me tell you this is definately not music, its bullsh-t. Im 17 and converted to listening to mid 60's to late 70's music a long time ago, trust me thats where the pure gold stuff is. Put some Creedence and Doors in your ears, then you'll know what I mean. LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL!!!
  • Amy from Liverpool, United Kingdommy mates made a little song lyk that b4 it came out it went:
    i kissed a boy an' didnt lyk it
    so i kissed a girl instead!!
    they walked around singin that 4 ages
    it was hilarious
  • Francia from Caracas, --I don't really like it... But sure is a catchy song, so I can see why is so popular and so many people like it
  • Valerie from None Of Ur Buisness!!, Bcits catchy...thats all...
  • Jessie from Dallas, TxI haaaaaate this song!! So annoying!!!!
  • Godzirra from Sioux Falls, SdI agree with some of you regarding the beat - it is very catchy - the beginning has hints of .. hell, don't remember the song, but it's that one they play at sports things a lot ...

    I've been reading about her a bit since I tend to do that with bands/artists I start to listen to some ... but I have yet to hear a comparison to who I think is probably the most modern "door opener" for her - Liz Phair.

    I'd hit it til it's swollen, ice it down, and hit it again ...
  • Denver from Colunbia City, InJeff from austin. Good Call. New music sucks and has no creativity. Some 80s music sucks but at least they went on a limb and tried something. This song feels like a rhianna knockoff. Its a joke. NEW MUSIC SUCKS
  • C from Sa, TxHonestly? This was on the top songs of America? A song about experimenting with girls? The beat is catchy but it was wasted on a song with a bad message...
  • Davina from The Hague, NetherlandsHahahah, you guys are funny. You get annoyed about someone using the word 'gay' in a negative way. And yet, for all of you gay still means homosexual. Well I'v got news for you: gay means happy. Period!
    By the way, the song is great. If you don't think so, stop waisting your time on this site.
  • Jeff from Austin, TxThis song SUCKS! This chick is such a freaking poser!! She makes Christian albums, and no one knows who the hell she is. So what does she do?? She starts writing songs about calling a dude 'gay', and kissing girls! Just to get attention! God, new music sucks!! Kids, if youre reading this...listen to older music. Anything before the mid-90s, when the pop music demographic started being 12 yr olds.
  • Susan from Alabaster, Alyeah, gay is not a synonym for crappy. if you think a song sucks say that. because that's NOT WHAT GAY MEANS!!!!!!! i am so sick of people saying that.
  • Mel!ssa from Pittsburgh, Pai like the song. it kinda grew on me. who knows, maybe i'll even kiss a girl!
  • Nick from Westwood, NjI hate this song first off. But Brittany your dad didnt realize this song is about a bi-sexual experimentation? C'mon? Really? Is your dad that stupid. What did he think it was about. Pumpkin picking?
  • Emily Mb from Boston, Mafirst off brittany, don't use "gay" as a negativity. second, there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian. i am not a lesbian, but the courage it must have taken katy perry to write and sing that song is amazing because people like you don't except the way that she or people who are gay/bi/lesbian are.
  • Brittany from Lincoln, Nethis is such a gay song
    the first time i heard it my dad liked it
    then he found out that is was about being a lesbian
    now he has banned the song
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