The Kill (Bury Me)

Album: A Beautiful Lie (2005)
Charted: 28 65
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  • What if I wanted to break
    Laugh it off in your face
    What would you do? (ohhh ohhhh ohhh)

    What if I fell to the floor?
    Couldn't take this anymore
    What would you do, do, do

    Come break me down
    Bury me, bury me
    I am finished with you

    What if I wanted to fight
    Beg for the rest of my life
    What would you do, do, do?
    You say you wanted more
    What are you waiting for?
    I not running from you(from you)

    Come break me down
    Bury me, bury me
    I am finished with you

    Look in my eyes
    you're killin' me, killin me
    All I wanted was you.

    I tried to be someone else
    But nothing seemed to change
    I know now
    This is who I really am inside.
    Finally found myself,
    Fighting for a chance
    I know now..this is who I really am.
    (ohhh ohhh
    ohhh ohhh
    ohhh ohhhh)
    Come break me down
    Bury me, bury me
    I am finished with you, you, you

    Look in my eyes
    You're killin me, killin' me
    All I wanted was you
    Come break me down
    break me down
    break me down...

    What if I wanted to break
    What if I.
    What if I..
    what if I...
    What if I....
    What if I..... Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Julian from Ogden, UtThis song to me, as shown in the video, communicates a toxic relationship with a past partner causing mental troubles and self hatred, leading to the point of full battles with yourself and even psychosis and delusions. The ultimate message of this song is to accept yourself for who you really are and to not let anyone else ruin you to the point of severe depression, hatred, and delusions.
  • Bert from New York, NyJared Leto described the meaning of the song as, "It's really about a relationship with yourself. It's about confronting your fear and confronting the truth about who you are." He has also said it is about "confrontation as a crossroads" — coming face-to-face with who you really are. -Directly from Wikipedia
  • Haley from Mt Airy, NcThis song is the very first song i heard by 30stm they are awesome
  • Gemma from Ipswich, United Kingdom@Regina, Hazel Park, MI

    No, the video you're thinking of is for the song A Beautiful Lie.
  • Caitlyn from Royersford, PaI know a lot of people dont really like 30stm, but one listen of this KICK ASS song will surely shut all the haters up
  • Corey from Richmond, VaThis is there only good song other then that they are really bad.
  • Mike from Humble, TxObviously, Michael from Morris County NJ (that pretty much explains it) has no clue what he's talking about. This is 30's best song, by far. The video, however, is pretty lame. And Jared himself looks like an overly sensitive emo wimp, but the dude can wail. I think the song is about trying to change for someone that you love, only for them to toss you aside anyway. The lyrics themselves are poetry on the level of Chevelle and co.
  • Michael from Morris County, Njjared leto should stick to acting. his musical career is awful
  • Suelin from San Fransisco, CaI LOVE 30STM!!! the band is just pure legend,but not many people like them. This song represents finding themselves.
  • Kasia from London, --The video for 'The Kill' is based on a film called 'The Shining', it is an amazing, scary film about a man which moves to a hotel and starts losing his mind and wanting to kill his family. The main man (which is Jared in the video) starts seeing ghosts and all the members of 30STM play different parts of the film. Like Tomo is supposedly the mum at the end where she walks by and starts seeing the ghosts aswell, also Shannon is playing the bit where the man goes into the room he isnt supposed to and starts kissing the women who turns out to be old and dead. jared is playing the man losing his mind and saying he is chosing who he really is. Matt was being the main man when he was seeing a ghost who was the barman, at the end they go back in time to a ball. It is a complicated film and crystal that is a really nice guess but unfortunately it isn't right, you should see the film to understand it as it is quite hard to follow.
  • Poke from Milwaukee, Wiya'll missed an important part of the video, towards the end of when it cuts to all the crowd scenes you see that EVERYONE has a double

    so the song's a commentary on the two sided or two-faced nature of people, how we create a fake persona over our actual selves
  • Bob from Dumbsville, BelarusThis song is 30 Seconds' best. I love the way it sounds, the vocals, the drums, and especially the music video. FYI: 6277 is the number of the room that the band is told to stay out of. These numbers spell MARS on a phone keypad. 6277 also makes an appearance on the video for "From Yesterday." The music video is cool and creepy. They go into 6277 and they see themselves. WHOA! Jared Leto's vocals (or more like screams) are amazing and so is his brother Shannon's drumming skills. At the end of the song, you can hear someone whispering "Bury me, bury me." 30 Seconds Rocks!
  • Regina from Hazel Park, Mii have seen an alternate version of this video, filmed in Antarctica. I was done long after the "shining" type video, and at the end gives some facts about global warming and the effects it's having on the arctic shelf.
  • Patty from Alamo, Txi think this song is cool...i think its about seeing two sides of the band least thats wat i think...but then it might be about losing your mind....
  • Brian from Okarche, OkThis song reaaly rocks and the music video is cool!!
  • Crystal from Gardendale, AlIf you watch the video, then you'll see two sides of each of the band members. I think this represents the 'casual' and the 'professional' sides of each of them. SOmeone, maybe Jared's girlfriend or someone I dunno, is trying to make him someone he's not, and everytime that he changes for her, she finds something else wrong with him.
    When, at the end, the doormen usher the band in and everyone stops what they're doing and stares at the band, I think that represents how much they're watched. Like how much the fans just...obsess over them. That's just my opinion anyway.
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