by 311

Album: 311 (1995)
Charted: 37
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  • Chill. Light on my sight as my ego becomes
    A funky child with some words on my tongue
    Be like intake of breath and my mouth gets loose
    While I scatter my spit I dream of juice
    Have you ever made out in dark hallways
    Displayed a kiss that made your day or say
    Play a track from your record collection
    It's your mix, congratulations

    We've changed a lot and then some some
    Know that we have always been down down
    And if I ever didn't thank you you
    Then just let me do it now

    I bet you light up when we start the show follow me now
    Very closely because I told you so you know
    We glow because we throw sun rays
    We be freaky and we want to stay

    We've changed a lot and then some some
    Know that we have always been down down
    And if I ever didn't thank you you
    Then just let me do it now

    Lightning strikes yo we be in that violent force of light
    Guaranteed to turn it out as bad as dolemite
    'Cause we're dope kidchange like a chameleon
    And the channel whenever that wack show real world is on
    You know we dazzle like ghetto box boomin' battles
    Rattle inside your head feel redeemed like cola bottles
    Fall in love with you teachers on the wax
    We are self made check the technique 311 in LA

    We've changed a lot and then some some
    Know that we have always been down down
    And if I ever didn't thank you you
    Then just let me do it now

    Keep my feet on the ground
    Keep my head in the clouds
    Electrified by the sound
    Comes from the down

    We've changed a lot and then some some
    Know that we have always been down down
    And if I ever didn't thank you you
    Then just let me do it now Writer/s: Douglas Martinez, Nicholas Hexum
    Publisher: Downtown Music Publishing, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Fox from Gainesville, FlLook, it's 2012 now. 311 has been around now for over 20 years and STILL rocks the house! Hell just last year they had a 311 Pow-Wow Festival, a 311 Day in Vegas, and a 311 Cruise! What other band takes their fans to the Bahamas for a concert?!? This year they are touring still, just got producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Offspring, Aerosmith) signed with them, and are probably going to put out at least 2-3 more albums. How awesome is that? If you say their songs are slow and boring, then you obviously haven't been to concerts or festivals. These guys put on one hell of a rock show and combine all types of melodies to jam out combining rap, hip/hop, reggae, pop. Yes, Down made them mainstream, but did you know they've put out over 10+ albums since that? That's not selling out. That's continuous unity for their fans.
  • Casey from Glendale, AzI don't know about selling out, but their music has changed dramatically. They were a fun group to listen to with their first few albums and then they became boring and too poppy and rely too much on slow songs.
  • Dave from Northridge, CaThey didn't sell out, but unfortunately there later stuff does'nt even fractionally compare to their earlier stuff, I love em', my first show was at the Roxy in '93, there new stuff is boring, listen to "Music" again and you'll see what I mean. That album is amazing, pure originality, after Grassroots, they lost that originality.
  • Don from Baltimore, MdProbably one of 311's most popular songs. Definitely a great one, and one of the first ones I heard to get me to start listening to them more frequently. They are now my favorite band of all time. It's a shame this site doesn't have more of their lesser-known hits!
  • Chris from Omaha, Neits funny how people think they sold out with this song. like after they made three CD's they were going to make a song on the fourth cd just to sell out with. they didnt sell out at all, all they did was make a song that just so happened to be liked by the majority of the people listening to alternative music at that poing in time. i think its great for them to have had their last couple of CD's have big hits on them. they are getting older and need to make the money for their efforts. they deserve it. they have done a lot for people in this world.
  • Michael from Costa Mesa, CaThis is one of 311 best songs and was played often on KROQ 106.7 in 1995 here in the Los Angeles and Orange County area of Southern California
  • Scott from West Palm Beach, FlJeez, I'm so tired of hearing that term "sell out". When I was younger, late 70's British Punk was starting to invade the US. I had a few friends that were striving to be so "different" from anyone else that they purposely segregated themselves from any and all music that was mainstream; even if they liked it. If it was on the radio, according to them the band "sold out", and that just wasn't cool to them. Mark from Miami said it already; if you don't "sell out" (for lack of a better term), your chances of ever making it big and carving out a successful musical career are nil. Selling out just means that there is a market for you ... who wouldn't want that?? Didn't the Sex Pistols sell out????? Oh, but Mike from CA apparently wants bands not to succeed. Too bad; 311 does a great job of not overexploiting themselves, yet are a great bunch of musicians that I will gladly continue to support. "Down" is a great song mixing rock-rap-reggae-pop all together. I'm a fan of all, sooooooooooo :)
  • Dawson from Draper, Utno k look they didnt sell out theres as good now as they were in the 90s and they dont sound an ounce like rhcp what are u smoking they have a distinct sound that makes me love them =]
  • Paul from Oc Cali Biatch, CaIve seen 311 over 40 times. With 20 people in 90 here in Cali to 40,000 recently, this is my band. to say they "sold out", you know NADA about the band, 311 HAS GRASSROOTS-TRUE! And to say they sound like The Red Hot Chilli peppers is comedy, Peace
  • Trevor from Omaha, Ne311 is great because they dont let the fame get to their heads. My dad knew Chad and Nick (from Westside High School, and also Chad from Drum and Bugle Corps at UNL) and he has always said they are great guys.
  • Tristan from Omaha, Nenope my dad didnt go to skool w/ martinez
  • Tristan from Omaha, Nei love this song and i like how nick and tim play guitar in this song and i think my dad went to high school with doug martinez or his sis or idk someone in thier family but i love 311 and i love the new album dont tread on me and i think they should go on tour again
  • Kelsey from Omaha, Nededicated to all us omahaaa fans cause we love 311 :). finally letting us be known for something other than corn and stds.
  • Grunge=dead from Nowhereville, CaI like 311, they are different, ot a lot of ppl like them. I wish that they didn't quite copy The RHCP, it is kind of borring having two reggea rock bands, or whatever they like to call their music.
  • Mark from Miami, FlListen guys...selling out isn't a bad thing. If bands don't sell....then they don't have fans, and then they gotta get real jobs...get it!?!?! Now the thing that is hard to keep is the sound of your music...3/11 never went all "pop" on us like a lot of other bands, and for that they get props!!! :)
  • Michelle from Salem, OrI think one of the best things about 311 is that they keep it real. They never really got sucked into the MTV hurricane that destroys most bands(or at least in my opinion). They are just a chill, no worries kind of band with good vibes.
  • Jeremy from Sioux Falls, SdThey didn't sell out my friend.
  • Mike from L.a, CaFunny how they dedicate this song to "old skool" 311 fans. Uh, this song is what made them sell out.
  • Nick from Cypress, Tx311's message is what im all about, and if michelle and kaylene are hot we need to hook up and listen to some music.
  • Michelle from Pueblo, Co311 is one of the best bands. i love this song
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