by 311

Album: Grassroots (1994)
  • (Bobby, you be quiet out there)

    Don't fear mere words, 'cause if it takes a word to ruin ya
    You should have already heard, you're finished through and soon ya
    See that stifling sentences is so much more suspicious
    Much worse could come of that, so much more delicious
    To the dastardly, bastardly plans of little mice and men
    Ugly rears its head and speaks from now and then
    People love to disagree, so avoid the endless bout
    Make no attempt to try and suss the stupid out
    But of the racist institutions, simple minds belong
    Not happy just being human, no wish to get along
    Little people need exclusions, sucker groups to throng
    It makes them feel special, it makes them feel strong

    Now I got a click, but it's more like a family Not an ethnic trip, more like an ethic
    See, I write the rhyme today, tell it to you later
    Whether we're coming in whack, or what it's a waste to be a hater
    Graffiti bombs from the palms, love is so strong
    Can't be stopped too long
    For the night it will come
    Shaped in the form of Mars that stone afar Ghetto cool

    Oh well
    Now you feel the spell
    The color rocks the bell
    The king of swing, rise to the top
    The rhythm possessed in ya and it don't stop
    The muse is broken, the demon locin'
    Dropping the bomb and all that is left is the smokin'
    Cloakin' chokin', the lyrics are spoken
    Infrared vision, scopin' condition
    Now breakin' 'em all to pieces like a sly rap bandit
    With a fly Liu-Kang kick in Mortal Kombat and I land it
    So get your own back when I jam it cold and
    Hearing about your rhyme style been outmoded
    The dopest flow upon the planet
    Dope is the word the bro throw up
    On the down low goddammit

    You juice your fucking friends like Dracula
    But when we kick you out you're just broke-you-la
    You left a big surprise from Pacific Bell
    Called all your relatives and your friends in Hell
    Now let me tell you something, you fucking piece of shit
    You'll never have no money, now tell me, was it worth it?
    You leave a trail of lies, that's why you keep moving
    We won't come after you, we'd only end up provin'
    In the end, revenge send ends to the defendant
    I know that statement's true, I wear it like a pendant
    I know you'll hear this song so I think it's funny
    The name is ? thief or trust and money

    Like Captain Picard, we come hard in light years
    Our star has long bust, but now reappears
    In your sky at night, rising and immense
    Yes, you see ourselves in the shine of it
    And so passing under the dome of the great sky
    Beware, we are the stars, Holmes, that you ruled by
    Where death reborn into the world is a gift
    So the future with no voice of its own will uplift
    All is gone, all is calm, y'all [Repeat: x4]
    Set wrecked in L.A.
    In the Wetlands of New York
    Atlanta and Phoenix
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Chris from Omaha, Nethis song is a great description of the people that use racism to go against whats different from themselves. cliques and gangs are groups of people that need everyone else to agree with them so they feel that their beleifs are right. not going with what their heart says. its about people that cant be confident with themselves.
  • Mike from East Bruns, Njtrue... the song electricity off Transistor starts as "this song started as a rant against haters but that'd be giving into the instigators". that was said because electricity was originally set to be called "F**k the KKK" because people thought 311 was a racist band. however the band decided against that name and set it as Electricity.
  • Jeremy from Sioux Falls, SdI think you're confused Duane though Jules saying Electricity goes to disprove the rumors is incorrect since it came out on Transistor way after Grassroots, but you're right in saying 311 is down for the unity.
  • Duane from Bowling Green, KyThat is a little misleading...the Blue Album came out after who had been listening....would've get the picture.
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