Lord Knows

Album: Blood, Sweat and Tears (2011)
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  • Dear lord
    I understand all the problems I'm about to express to you
    Are things you already know
    Well here goes nothing

    Dear lord I am on my knees and I'm begging please
    Just guide me father this time I'm really in need
    Feeling like I just can't go on, mama cryin' and she lost her home
    Tears runnin all down her face, judge gave her ten days to be gone
    My god what I'm gon' do now, so stressed that the day go by
    Devil on me and I don't know why , beg mama just please don't' cry
    Times get a little rough I know, when it come to givin' up I don't
    Got twins and they on their way, see 'em starve in the bed I won't
    Sometimes I ask myself would I be a good father
    'Cause I've never had mine, would I give the world to my daughters
    Live and you learn, reap what you sow
    Regardless of wealth, grind like ?

    Only lord knows what the hell I dun' really been through
    All the nights I ain't have no food
    Dear god tell me what I'm gonna do
    Man only lord knows all the times I was under my grind
    He helped what I never could find, reach out when I couldn't get a dime
    Man only lord knows, lord knows, lord knows
    Man only lord knows what the hell I dun' really been through
    All the nights my mama couldn't move
    And all the pain I dun' put her through
    Man only lord knows

    And I'm sick and tired of this pain
    Hate the lames in this game only down because of my name
    Rock Swiss because of my fame
    Lord knows the road where I came, lord know the nights that I cried
    Can't help the pain that's inside, lord wipe the tears from my eyes
    Ever seen the letter of eveiction, no place to go but you wishin
    That a blessing come and you lifted, yeah dog that's all in my vision
    I dun' been through hell and them trenches, I dun' seen the best of them fall
    Lost a couple of my dogs, miss them niggas like shit
    But they still reside in my heart, sore, ached and I'm scarred
    I''ma do it for Dale and Four Fifth, God damn it's hard
    Motherfuck this rapping, I really live this shit
    Blood, sweat and tears, I really live this shit


    And everyday that I wake, I grind, no time never wait for mine
    Still waiting on the day I shine my soul, every bar, every line
    I remember when I had no food, lights off, bills overdue
    Lord knows that I've paid my dues, won't forget when I got that news
    They say my mama sickly thank god she seen her fifties
    I pray and ask forgiveness, please lord just keep her with me
    I was down and out, remember that like yesterday
    Made it out that struggle bracket, this year I'm blessed to say
    Man this world's so fucked up, gas prices are way too high
    Time's hard and I ain't gon' lie, bust ass just to try and get by
    So who the hell is y'all to be judging, made it away from literally nothing
    Yeah I'm talking literally nothing


    And only lord knows
    I thank you jesus for guiding me,
    For keeping me
    In your name, I pray
    Publisher: THE ADMINISTRATION MP INC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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