Memory Lane

Album: Blood, Sweat and Tears (2011)
  • Take a ride with me, take a ride with me

    Man it was just the other day everything was all good
    Remember like yesterday when we were chillin' in the hood
    Dreaming of bigger things as a younger nigga should
    Wanna take care of the fam' we just wishin' that we could
    Another day and a dollar, steady chasin' the commas
    Studios went for hours I'm snappin' like a piranha
    Only was seventeen, but loyalty what I honoured
    Ridin' round in that bubble ? for drama
    Man I put that on my life that's my muthafuckin' dog
    Anything want problems that's the nigga I will call
    Just know he comin' runnin' with that shit that'll clear the mall
    Young and thugging he bustin' if you ever playin foul
    Me and four fifth were brothers, felt like we dun' done it all
    Then one day in the studio is when I got the call
    Man it was o' nine when I lost my dawg
    And still to this day the tears continue to fall
    I love my nigga, see the pain still remain
    Know you watchin' from heaven how far that your nigga came
    So I tatted your name to show you I'll never change
    Progress the aim ?

    Don't give a damn about
    Got a few haters so the tool on tuck
    Got a small circle, all we ask is trust
    Me and my dogs, and all we got is us
    Pour a lil' liquor, forget about the pain
    A lot of niggas in the dirt, so the sky's where we aim
    But now we got the money, the power and the fame
    Shit done changed, now we ridin' down memory lane
    It's just me and my dogs and we ridin' down memory lane
    Memory lane, we in that all white Range
    It's just me and my niggas and we ridin' down memory lane
    Down memory lane, and we just ridin' down memory lane

    And I just gotta keep it real I'm telling you how I feel
    Talking before the deal when I was back in the field
    'Member we used to chill ? me and my nigga Dale
    He attending the school a student at full sale
    We visited his crib a couple days and we bail
    Hit a couple of clubs and then a couple of girls
    God damn my nigga them the mufuckin' Dades
    Lord just tell me why you had to take my dog
    They just wanted this car, they just wanted to ball
    He just wanted to leave, frightened by what he saw
    I was off in the room awaiting my nigga call
    Not knowing that's the last time that we would even talk
    I told 'em to be safe and sent them deuces to my dog
    A couple hours later got an unexpected call
    My homie he was crying, I knew that it was bad
    He told me Dale gone, you're lying out your ass
    I called his cell phone but nobody hittin' back
    They say that he was shot, dyin' to make it out
    He died on the scene that's when I hit my knees
    Begging the Lord please, heavenly Father please
    So listen to a dream, tell me how could it be
    Probably because of me, I'm who he wanted to see
    Man a couple years ago is when I lost my dog
    And still to this day the tears continue to fall
    I love my nigga, see the pain still remain
    Know you watchin' from heaven how far that your nigga came
    So I tatted your name to show you I'll never change
    Put that shit on my chain, our bond is like a stain


    Gone but never forgotten
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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