Emo Kid

Album: Earection (2006)
  • Dear Diary

    Mood: Apathetic

    My life is spiraling downward
    I couldn't get enough money to go to the Blood Red Romance and Suffocate Me Dry concert
    It sucks cause they play some of my favorite songs like 'Stab My Heart Because I Love You' and 'Rip Apart My Soul' and of course 'Stabby Rip Stab Stab' And It doesn't help that I couldn't get my hair to do that flippy thing either'Like that guy from that band can do...Some days, ya know...

    I'm an emo kid, non-conforming as can be.
    You'd be non-conforming too if you looked just like me
    I have paint on my nails and makeup on my face
    I'm almost emo enough to start shaving my legs
    Cause I feel real deep when I'm dressing in drag
    I call it freedom of expression, most just call me a fag
    'Cause our dudes look like chicks, and our chicks look like dykes
    Cause emo is one step below transvestite

    Stop my breathing and slit my throat
    I must be emo

    I don't jump around when I go to shows
    I must be emo

    I'm dark and sensitive with low self esteem
    The way I dress makes everyday feel like Halloween
    I have no real problems but I like to make believe
    I stole my sister's mascara now I'm grounded for a week
    Sulking and writing poetry are my hobbies
    I can't get through a hawthorne heights album without sobbing
    Girls keep breaking up with me, it's never any fun
    They say they already have a pussy, they don't need another one.

    Stop my breathing and slit my throat
    I must be emo

    I don't jump around when I go to shows
    I must be emo

    Dye in my hair and polish on my toes
    I must be emo

    I play guitar and write suicide notes
    I must be emo

    my life is just a black abyss... ya know..it's so dark. And it's suffocating me, grabbing a hold of me and tightening its grip, tighter than a pair of my little sisters jeans...which look great on me by the way.

    When I get depressed I cut my wrist in every direction
    Hearing songs about getting dumped gives me an erection
    I write in a live journal and wear thick rimmed glasses
    I tell my friends I bleed black and cry during classes
    I'm just a bad, cheap imitation of goth
    You can read me 'Catcher in the Rye' and watch me jack off
    I wear skin tight clothes while hating my life
    If I said I like girls, I'd only be half right.

    I look like I'm dead and dress like a homo
    I must be emo

    Screw Xbox I play old school Nintendo
    I must be emo

    I like to whine and hit my parentals
    I must be emo

    Me and my friends all look like clones
    I must be emo

    My parents don't get me ya know
    They think I'm gay just because they saw me kiss a guy' Well, a couple guys. But, I mean it's the 2000's. Can't 2'or 4 dudes make out with each other without being gay'
    I mean, chicks dig that kind of thing anyways.
    I don't know diary, sometimes I think you are the only one that gets me. You're my best friend.

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  • Nicole from Bronx, United Kingdomlol i love this song! even if im emo and it makes fun of ppl like me its just SOOOO halarious!
  • Indigo from Adelaide, AustraliaThis is so funny. i don't think it's mean, i think it's just making a joke of how emo is such a popular stereotype now, and how you do anything like wear black or paint your nails you are labled "emo". it's overly dramtic which makes it hilarious.
  • Makaladawn from Gold River, NsHa i love this song i laughed my ass off it was hiloarous!!!!!
  • Sarah from Fairway, KsLol im not emo and i love this song! I hate that stereotype because i might be kinda emo-i think poseur more like. My friends often make statements suggesting that if ur emo u cut urself and want to kill urself. It bugs me. I guess it is kinda mean but funny. You guys should watch the Sweeney Todd version. Search under 'Funny Sweeney'.
  • Caitlin from Phoenixville, Pahaha i love this song. it's really funny. but i do think its kinda mean. cause i hate that sterotype a lot.
  • Ozzy from Fresno, CaI hope im not emo bc i agree w/ "reading catcher in the rye" and "screw x-box i play old school nintendo"
  • Brianna from Philadelphia, PaHAHA! When Iheard this song, i fell in love with it. Atleast I'm not the only one who cries during classes...
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