Some Day My Prince Will Come

Album: Snow White (1937)
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  • Once there was a Princess
    Was the Princess, you?
    And she fell in love
    Was it hard to do?
    Well, it was very easy
    Anyone could see that the Prince was charming
    The only one for me
    Was he strong and handsome?
    Was he big and tall?
    There's nobody like him anywhere at all
    Did he say he loved ya?
    Did he steal a kiss?

    He was so romantic
    I could not resist

    Someday my prince will come
    Someday we'll meet again
    And away to his castle we'll go
    To be happy forever I know
    Someday when spring is here
    We'll find our love anew
    And the birds will sing and wedding bells will ring
    Someday when my dreams come true Writer/s: Frank Churchill, Larry Morey
    Publisher: BOURNE CO.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Joseph from Amersham, BuckinghamshireThis is one of the romantic love songs because Snow White first sings this song to the seven dwarfs as they are appalled by it and so are the forest animals listening at the window who nuzzle their mates except Grumpy who calls the whole thing of how Snow White's prince will come and take her away to his castle mush and is annoyed by Snow White's singing of being with her prince who she never said hello to and ran away from because she was too shy to speak to him after he joined in with her song I'm Wishing and then the clock struck eleven with the squirrel ringing an acorn as a frog popped out of the clock as Snow White sent the dwarfs up to bed but they slept downstairs while Snow White slept upstairs and said her prayers before going to bed while the forest animals all slept outside the dwarfs' cottage and they all got up the next morning as the dwarfs were ready to leave for work in the mines where they march off to every morning and then when Snow White is making a gooseberry pie for Grumpy and several more for Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy and Dopey before the old hag with the poisoned apple shows up and the forest animals try to attack her but are shooed away by Snow White and then the forest animals head off to find the dwarfs in their mine and tell them Snow White is in danger and they all stampede back to the cottage and what a shame the turtle wasn't with them as he'd almost reached the mine where the other forest animals had all run off to but they passed the turtle on their way back to save Snow White and the turtle watched them along with the dwarfs racing through the forest while he couldn't keep up with them and a shame the turtle wasn't chasing the Evil Queen after she'd poisoned Snow White with that red apple which had a small chunk bitten off of it as it wasn't a wishing apple and it was just a trick and then the Evil Queen was hit by lightning from the thunderstorm which stuck the cliff she was standing on causing her to fall off the cliff to her death below as she was about to crush the dwarfs' bones with a boulder but her evil maniacal cackling laughter was ended with lightning which broke the branch she was using to push the boulder with in half and the boulder fell after the Evil Queen once she'd fallen down to her death below screaming her head off which is what she gets for poisoning Snow White like that and then her dead body was devoured off screen by the two vultures who are now gone and won't come back again and finally at the end where Snow White and the prince left for his castle in the clouds above after Snow White said goodbye to the dwarfs and the forest animals knowing she'll come back to the forest one day and see them all again when she returns from that prince's castle and what a shame the turtle wasn't shown in the final scene where Snow White woke up as he'd been left behind by the other forest animals.
  • Joseph from BuckinghamshireThis is one of the very first songs I have ever heard of since I had Snow White on video in the 1990's way back and have never forgotten about it even from now because at the beginning was the Video Piracy warning for the Snow White video cassette tape with the security sticker on the front of the label itself and then was the trailer for 1994's The Lion King which said Now Showing At A Cinema Near You and then came the video trailer for 1970's The Aristocats and then there was the Walt Disney Classics trailer showing promotional clips from the 90's video cassette tapes of Mary Poppins, Dumbo, Robin Hood and Alice in Wonderland because Mary Poppins is from 1964, Dumbo is from 1941, Robin Hood is from 1973 and Alice in Wonderland is from 1951 and then was the late promo of Disneyland Paris and the early promo was on the VHS tape of Aladdin and then came the Stay Tuned logo, the Walt Disney Home Video logo and the Walt Disney Pictures logo and at the end after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs had finished, there was the Making Of Snow White featurette showing how the film was made and how it came to be and how there were deleted scenes like the Bedroom Argument and the Bed For Snow White scenes which were cut from the film and even the deleted song Music In Your Soup which was cut from the film itself and never came after the washing sequence and once the whole featurette was over then came the Disney Christmas Videos trailer showing clips for various videos which were Mickey's Christmas Carol, Disney's Sing Along Songs The Twelve Days of Christmas, A Walt Disney Christmas, Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too and Disney's Sing Along Songs Very Merry Christmas Songs and then came the video trailer for Bambi which was available to own on video and then the video trailer for Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey and finally the video Trailer for Jim Henson Video with trailers for The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, It's The Muppets which were two videos that were Meet The Muppets and More Muppets Please and finally Muppet Sing Alongs Billy Bunny's Animal Songs and the last logo saying Look Out For Future Releases From Walt Disney Home Video and then that was all on the Snow White tape itself and it was all finished.
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