Album: Aerosmith (1973)
  • I need a lady, not somebody shady
    Need someone to be close to
    Somebody cozy, not somebody nosey
    Help me see my whole day through

    Someone to share the load
    Somebody to walk the road I live on, live

    Good Lord send me, good Lord mend me
    Send me down someone for me
    Said I won't be choosy
    You could send me a floosy
    Send me anybody you please
    Somebody say you will
    Somebody further still
    Somebody, some, somebody for me
    Now won't you send me somebody
    Yeah, somebody

    Won't you send me somebody
    Now won't you send me somebody
    Well, call for somebody
    Scream loud and bloody
    Call woman, woman, come on to me
    Save for tomorrow
    Share all your sorrow
    Misery enjoys company
    Yes it does, yes it does Writer/s: STEVEN EMSPAK, STEVEN TYLER
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Katie from Reno, NvI love this song. Hell i love the album. Though I completely forgot it was in my ipod until now. Why hasn't anyone commented on this song? You all complain how Aerosmith was better in the beginning and you don't comment on one of the first songs by them??
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