Young Lust

  • Young lust
    Happy just to be in lust
    Never have to eat no dust
    Everybody talk about

    Young lust
    You're dyin' and you're screamin' inside
    Oh you're guilty way before you been tried
    It's crazy but you're diggin' it

    Young lust
    You feel it in the summertime blues
    Oh easy when there's nothin' to lose
    And baby you been missin' out

    Young lust
    Sometimes you need it so bad
    It's enough to drive a young girl mad
    So what you gonna do about it

    A little bit o nasty
    You look a little sleazy
    But don't get any on you

    Young lust
    You better keep your daughter inside
    Or she's gonna get a dose of my pride
    Yeah everybody talks about it

    Young lust
    Once you had it you can never go back
    Don't you ever let em give you no slack
    When you're streakin down the alley way

    Checkin' out the ladies
    Who didn't bring their boyfriends
    Who love to get in trouble
    I got to say I'll see you later meet me in the elevator

    Always gettin' stronger
    Never gettin' weaker
    My love is gettin' longer
    I'll keep it in my sneaker

    Never keep a secret
    Never feelin' guilty
    Never gettin' lonely
    Never gettin' no peace hidin from the police

    Sneakin' out the back way
    Sneakin' down the alley way
    Gotta do it my way
    Do it in the sunshine

    Hangin' from the clothesline
    Find another tree to climb

    Young lust
    There's no time for lovin'

    Young lust
    No don't need one in the oven
    Young lust
    I'm a-pushin' and a-shovin' it

    Young lust
    Come on now I just can't wait
    Are you fishin or you gonna cut bait
    Everybody body doin' it

    Young lust
    Honey now ain't it a bitch
    Sometime you gotta scratch that itch
    So what you gonna do about it

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