• Gumby, Gumby,
    You should call your daughter again
    Don’t call me,
    Call your daughter

    Gumby, I just can’t do anything
    Can’t do anything right
    Don’t ask me, if I help when helping you
    Just need someone to fight
    So hard, brooding on you’re close
    You don’t even move to cover
    While move, moving is how things begin
    The front yard taken by the cross
    Backyards with the shiny pieces of tin
    So much fury buried in

    Gumby, you should call your daughter
    Please call your daughter again
    You must see, things are getting harder
    Getting more of the pain
    Do you not even at all
    How bad must it be to be better since
    All day feeling the bottomless things
    All those trinkets by the zone
    Are tokens took from them to the others
    There’s a bottom that you’ll never hit
    I don’t know just how you explain this
    To a kid with nowhere to live
    Don’t let the father, she has means well
    But just has nothing to give

    Gumby, you should call your daughter again
    Don’t call me, call your daughter again
    Gumby, Gumby,
    You should call your daughter again
    Don’t call me, call your daughter. Writer/s: Aimee Mann
    Publisher: Downtown Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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