Album: Belle (1977)
Charted: 83
  • Belle,
    The Lord and I have been friends for a mighty long time
    Leaving him has never ever really crossed my mind
    Let me say this one thing

    I'd never go so far
    Cause it's Him no matter who you are
    Oh it's you that I want, but it's Him that I need
    (I'd like to take a minute) just to say now,
    The laughter of the sound has quieted down
    The best thing we could do is have Him around
    I'm no planning to leave
    Let me say this one thing,
    I think if love could've found
    My heart was lost and now it's found
    Let's you and I let the love come down

    I'm so happy, let me say this,
    It seems so easy to me, oh, oh, oh
    I've tried to act naturally
    Let's not waste each other's time

    Lord, He's my surprisin', my pride and my joy,
    I know that you can understand
    This little country boy
    (I'm just a little country boy)
    He brought me safe thus far
    (Let me say this to you lady)
    Through many drunken country bars
    Oh, let me say,
    He's my bright morning star
    Belle, Belle
    He's my bright morning, his my bright morning
    My everything, my everything
    I know you're all of these things girl
    Ya, but He's such a brighter joy,
    He's! He's! He's!
    Jesus is my!
    My everything!
    My everything!
    In the morning (time)
    In the evening (time)
    In the daytime
    In the nighttime

    He's my everything, yeah!
    Belle, Belle, Belle, Belle
    Belle, Belle, Belle, Belle Writer/s: AL L. GREEN, FRED JORDAN, REUBEN JR. FAIRFAX
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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