One Stage Before

Album: Year Of The Cat (1976)
  • It seems to me as though I've been upon this stage before
    And juggled away the night for the same old crowd
    These harlequins you see with me, they too have held the floor
    As here once again they strut and they fret their hour
    I see those half-familiar faces in the second row
    Ghost-like with the footlights in their eyes
    But where or when we met like this last time I just don't know
    It's like a chord that rings and never dies
    For infinity

    And now these figures in the wings with all their restless tunes
    Are waiting for someone to call their names
    They walk the backstage corridors and prowl the dressing-rooms
    And vanish to specks of light in the picture-frames
    But did they move upon the stage a thousand years ago
    In some play in Paris or Madrid
    And was I there among them then, in some travelling show
    And is it all still locked inside my head
    For infinity

    And some of you are harmonies to all the notes I play
    Although we may not meet still you know me well
    While others talk in secret keys and transpose all I say
    And nothing I do or try can get through the spell
    So one more time we'll dim the lights and ring the curtain up
    And play again like all the times before
    But far behind the music you can almost hear the sounds
    Of laughter like the waves upon the shores
    Of infinity Writer/s: ALISTAIR IAN STEWART
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Jody from Neillsville“And some of you are harmonies to all the notes I play; Although we may not meet, still you know me well”
    I wonder if I am one of those harmonies who shadow Alistair through the ages. The lyric of “One Stage Before” illustrates the wonderful complexities and multiple levels of the “Year of the Cat.” album It uses musical metaphors (“Others talk in secret keys and transpose all I say”) to meditate on both reincarnation (“It seems to me I’ve been on this stage before”) and the odd relationship that forms between the performer and his audience (“I see those half-familiar faces in the second row, Ghost-like with the footlights in their eyes”), set to a surreal melody, an opiate dream.
  • Gary from Biloxi, MalaysiaThis song has always reminded me of the Vampire Lestat from the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles. If you are familiar with the chronicles, it fits in well with The Vampire Lestat storyline. With the theater and the vampires on stage.
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