Album: Sap (1992)
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  • Frozen in the place I hide
    Not afraid to paint my sky
    With some who say I've lost my mind
    Brother try and hope to find

    You were always so far away
    I know that pain
    So don't you run away like you used to do

    Roses in a vase of white
    Bloodied by the thorns beside the leaves
    That fall because my hand is pulling them hard as I can

    You were always so far away
    I know that pain
    And I won't run away like I used to do

    Pictures in a box at home
    Yellowing and green with mold
    So I can barely see your face
    Wonder how that color taste

    You were always so far away
    I know the way
    So don't you run away like you used to do
    Like you used to do Writer/s: Jerry Cantrell
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
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  • Brandee from Holly Springs GeorgiaTo the person who said Laynes teeth being missing ruined the show, first off it was an amazing show and last what a cruel thing to say about such and amazing man. His purpose was to deliver divine messages to people like myself that has battled addiction we are not alone. Selfish people only wanted him better for the wrong reasons. He was the best by far. R. I P. Layne
  • Phillygrungeguitarist from 19148I've seen AIC 25 times before Layne passed and played in a tribute band called Facelift. My personal opinion he was the greatest vocalist of that era, his voice can never be duplicated except of course my good friend Brendan Maier who should be the lead instead of Duvall (if you dont believe me listen to us on youtube). Layne was a unique talent that ended way to soon as well as Mike Star who also played with us at the HOB Chicago. RIP and I hope your pain has turned to happiness in the sky.
  • Paul from Methuen, MaLayne's missing teeth really ruined his voice on the Unplugged show...really tought to pronounce your words without your front teeth
  • Fred from Los Angeles, CaRIP Layne......U R Missed...AIC 4Ever.....
  • Andrew from Flint, MiMaybe they should have changed their name, but they're still awesome, and Mr Duvall is a wonderful addition to the band. Layne can't be replaced but no need to cry over him. He dug his own grave.
  • Grant from Olympia, WaAnn Wilson of Heart provided the harmony
  • Alexandra from Dillon, MtI don't know how anyone can say that alice in chains is good without layne staley! That is just ignorant and makes me seethe with anger. Him, paired with jerry were (!!!) alice in chains!!! If a band's lead singer dies or gets replaced i feel they should have to change their names! It's really nothing against anyone, just my personal opinion. I just don't see how anyone can have any respect for Layne when stating they are good without him. He was truly an inspiritor. He gave me tons and tons of strength when I was weak or mentally wounded. He was a leader lyrically. (obviously i'm not meaning in life in general for i wish overdose on NO ONE) Every time he comes to mind, I get a lump in my throat and feel like I'm gonna cry. He was beautiful and mysterious inside and out and people should never underestimate the power of words paired with music. Like Aaron Lewis from staind once quoted... without music it's only words... words fade... music lasts forever.
  • Zak from Syracuse, Nythis song is truely amazing, when isaw alice in 2006, they played three sets, the secondf set was acoustic, it was amazing when they played this a dont follow.
  • Tyler from Pittsboro, NcThis song is amazing. My band covered it and it is really fun to sing to and cover. You should really listen to the unplugged version. I think it is more powerful.
  • Dortez from Mesa, AzUnplugged was pretty slammin indeed. I think the song is really great, and their vocals are an interesting mixture of a raspy awesome and an angelic echo.
  • Ryan from Las Vegas, NvAbsolutely, they sound great unplugged, one of the few "rock" bands that may sound better unplugged. Even if Layne S. was in his decline.
  • Trevor from Omaha, Nei hear you. their unplugged stuff was much more of an expierence when i listened to it.
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoThis is a good song and it sounded great in the MTV Unplugged version. They sound like a comlpletely different band on that album.
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