Valleys Of The Young

Album: Are You Serious (2016)
  • Do you need a reason
    We should commit treason
    And bring into this world a son?

    And leave the valleys of the young
    Valleys of the young
    Valleys of brunch and tedium

    Well, your friends will become strange to you
    Just as you will become strange to them
    You'll live across a great divide
    And the problems that seem like luxuries
    They're off getting stoned and hugging trees
    All the things you'll be forsaking
    Still our hearts are constantly breaking

    From their cradle to our grave
    Is it selfish, or is it brave?

    Na-na, na-na-na-na-na
    Na-na-na-na, na-na-na

    Do you need a reason we've
    Been making all to become three
    And believe in this holy valley?

    Land of brunch and misery
    I'm living on
    The valleys of the young

    Now you're going on sixty-four
    Driving down sixty-five, to the hospital
    To see if your adult son will survive or not
    After taking those pills in the parking lot
    You know, the one behind the Marriott?
    This is a dream, you won't be waking
    Still our hearts are constantly breaking

    From their cradle to our grave
    Is it selfish, is it brave?
    From their cradle to our grave
    Is it selfish or is it brave? Writer/s: ANDREW WEGMAN BIRD
    Publisher: Wixen Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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