Album: Waking The Fallen (2003)
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  • With this ink in my skin we've sealed our fate,
    And the axe comes early
    (Only naturally) So what does that matter?
    There's a bed of skeletons waiting for me,
    On the other side
    They're waiting for my next move (next fatal breath)
    Human lives to me seem so unreal, can't see through the fog
    (Nothing past a grey wall) see past the stereotype
    Belief, structure built up in you
    I'll tear you down and the one who created you

    If they didn't have One how would they act?
    If we didn't have hope how would we behave?
    Would they still feel remorse
    If they slaughtered innocent beings?
    Or is hope the only thing that keeps you sane?

    A good friend once told me you are memory
    Without them we equal nothing
    All I can see is the place I wanna be
    Suddenly my life was so free
    Leaves at my feet, blown to the ground
    Their echoes are reaching my ears
    Night it's coming fast, the sun's going down
    But keep away from me

    Keep away from me
    Keep away from me
    Keep away from me (Keep away from me)
    Keep away from me

    We may have created the beginning, mentally
    We may have created the beginning, physically
    To the end of our human (existence)

    I see through you
    The fear that's in your eyes

    A good friend once told me we are memory
    Without them we equal nothing
    All I can see is the place I wanna be
    Timeless my life was so free
    Leaves at my feet, blown to the ground
    Their echoes are reaching my ears
    Night's coming fast, the sun's going down, confused
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  • Salvador from Mountain View, OkAvenged Sevenfold Rules!1 Take anyone away (Rest in peace Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan)from the band its not Avenged Sevenfold. Syn Gates is Great and all but without guitar rifts with zack its completely different, also no one screams like M. Shadows.
  • Janae from Riverside, CaYou know I have been a fan of A7X since the beginning. Growing up in So.Cal with these guys has been amazing. Please tell me that someone else (other than myself) knows that Syn was NOT an original member of the band!! He only played on "To End The Rapture" on STST album. Then joined after on WTF. Zacky is an amazing guitar player (maybe not as "badass" as Syn only cause he went to MIT) I thought he did perfectly fine by himself on STST. Am I wrong? And YES A7X would not be who they are without the members they have today! =)
  • Chauncey from Omha, Nezacky is nowhere near as good as Synyster. That's for damn sure. A7X is definately not a one man band. If they would lose Shadows, then the vocals would just be different. That's pretty much it.
  • Cory from Crawfordville, FlYeah it's not a 1 man band. The things that make the band in my opinion are Shadow's singing, but a HUGE part is syn's guitar.
  • Chucky from North Sydney, Canadai agreeit isnt 1 aman band zacky vengence is 1 of the most amazing guitarists playing right now but without shadows it wuld be notthe same band a7x is known for shadows voice and his raspy vocal voice and his amazing lyric writeing it woudntb the same at all
  • James from Aurora, CoAvenged Isnt A One Man Band Dumbass, There's Guitars, Bass and Drums...If Shadows Isnt In The Band Its Still Gonna Be A7X, Just Different...I Was Suprised To Find Out That Shads Could Scream And Sing normally (when I Found That Out That Is)
  • Phil from LondonOf course it's Shadows. There's no A7x without him. Shadows is amazing, can't wait to see him again. The song is pretty much about the ability for humans to turn on each other but there's also questions about wether people would be different being given different ways to live by God.
  • Angela from Sacramento, CaIs M. Shadows singing this? It doesn't really sound like him...
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