Strength Of The World

Album: City Of Evil (2005)
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  • My story starts the day they said "she can't be found"
    the news so dark, heart stopped, I stood silent without a sound
    It's over, she's finished, mother lies with my father and sister too
    Cold-blooded, they suffered, shot down by the outlaws after you
    Sorrow swallows my screams

    Strength of the world, is on my shoulders
    Strength of the world, is on my side
    Strength of the world, the one true beholder
    Ice in my veins, for those who've died

    I've seen my family fade away, you've taken my whole life
    There's nothing left to say

    Avenge the dead kill all who cross me in my path
    Suicidal, I never planned on coming back
    I want it, I need it, revenge is dripping from my teeth
    Need nothin', to feel power, and bring the killers to their knees
    Nothin' ta lose vengeance ta gain (you know I'll never be the same)
    So taste my breath I'm close behind you (so desperate on your final day)
    Sorrow swallows my screams

    Sitting in silence with heaven above me I prayed every night by their graves
    While I search for closure I feel it no longer
    I can't turn my cheek away
    I stand before you; I'll sin when I have to
    But now I leave your side, to avenge my family's pride

    So far forever alone, a greater punishment on me has been imposed
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  • Jimmy from CanadaI think it's loosely based on True Grit.
  • Tyler from Windsor, OnAlan, the Acoustic Solo in Sidewinder was done by Brian Haner, but it wasn't Synyster Gates. It was Brian Haner Sr., also known as "guitar guy" from the comedian, Jeff Dunham.
  • Alexander Buckley from Butte Montana, KsWhen i hear this song, i think of 9/11 because he says "shot down by the outlaws" and "ice in my veins for those who've died".
  • Crash from La, CaI take the song as it starting out with a woman finding out her immediate family was murdered...then as the song continues its all her suicide note, including confessing what she did to the killers, at the end - Thats all that she wrote (suicide note)
  • Anthony from Cp, NjI definitely have to agree with Alex. I think the only band out there as a whole that is more musically talented than a7x is Rush. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of great musicians playing with bands now, but not all of them can come together and make music quite as good as Rush and a7x. Each guy in each band is EXCELLENT at whatever instrument they play.
  • Alan from The Meadow Of Rainbows, United KingdomYup, it is Brian Haner.
    Brian Elwin Haner, Jr. (born July 7, 1981), better known by his stage name Synyster Gates or simply Syn or "Gates", is an American musician. He is the lead guitarist and backup vocalist for American hard rock/heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold.
  • Alan from The Meadow Of Rainbows, United KingdomSorry for the double post, I read the comments about Syn's real name, I think it could be Brian Haner, it refers to him with that name in the City of Evil booklet when it says "Acoustic Solo Left on Sidewinder by Brian Haner"
  • Alan from The Meadow Of Rainbows, United KingdomI think this could be classed as a "Chapter Four Part 2", both songs are about revenge.
  • Clayton from Slc, UtAlex i agree with you on not hating a single song by Avenged Sevenfold
  • Clayton from Slc, UtYo Matthew his name is BRIAN!!!! AND HE IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!
  • Chauncey from Omha, NeIt's Brian Haner. If you don't know who he is, then look him up.
  • Nick from Chesterfield, MiHis name is Brian, if not, everything, on and off the web, is wrong!
  • Matthew from Childress, TxHey Alex, Synyster's name is Ryan not Brian
  • Alex from Sterling, VaI am about as big a sevenfold fan as they come and they are next to Neil Peart (who does all of Rush's lyrics) the most talented lyrical and musical band ever. Brian (Synyster) harmonizes with matt so well.
    I have yet to find a song i hate by them
  • Joe from Gallipolis, Ohi agree also
  • Airk from Skagway, AkI agree with Marc they can tell a story pretty damn well!
  • Marc from Riverside, CaDoes anybody agree that they do a damn good job at storytelling?
  • Jon from Belpre, OhI think this is set in the west in the 1800s.
    He has to find the person who killed his family to allow his life's end. He often mentions "Stength of the world" because he has so much on himself to carry.
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