The Art Of Subconscious Illusion

Album: Sounding the Seventh Trumpet (2001)
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  • A living nightmare, asleep but still aware
    The endless torture
    The painless pleasure
    I grasp myself
    Trying to regain control
    I experience and learn
    In another faction of my mind

    So confused
    But everything makes perfect sense
    Can't feel the pain
    Emotional pain's so much deadlier
    Lost, you've just been raped
    Pain. Your friends can't help you
    Why won't they help you? Another reality

    This can't be happening
    Why is this happening?
    Who the fuck are you?
    Who the fuck. Are you?
    Trying hard to figure out what's done
    I scramble but now I run
    The images in my head

    All the problems that I've been fed
    Punching slowly my mind can't change the speed
    As my victims bleed
    No matter what I do or how hard I try
    I can't use my abilities
    Use my abilities

    Art of Illusion
    My razor sharp knife's edge, pierces my victim's body
    But I can't take their soul
    Punching through jello, stabbing not killing
    Disappointment, discomfort Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Parker from Carbon Hill, AlI agree, Turn the other is awesome!!
    an epic of time wasted is awesome too
  • Janae from Riverside, CaVal in person is a real bitch, but her scream is pretty good! Best song on the STST album is Turn The Other Way!!
  • James from Houston, Txyeah it's on the All-Excess DVD, it shows Shadows' girlfriend Valary screaming, which was so awesome and unexpected.
  • William from Bergen, NorwayIt's not Shadows, it's his girlfriend. It saus so even in the album map. And on Desecrate Through Reverence it's The Rev who sing those high screams.
  • Jake from Miamisburg, OhIt is Shadows, he does it in Desecrate Through Reverance as well...16 days till wut
  • Cameron from Kilmarnock, ScotlandIt's Valary DiBenedetto, Matt's girlfriend... Dunno if that's spelt right but that's who it is lol
  • Casey from Whitestown, Incan anyone tell me who is the high-pitched screaming part (Punching slowly, my mind can't change the speed...No matter what i do or how hard i try) thx! ~16 more days~
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