Sk8er Boi

Album: Let Go (2002)
Charted: 8 10
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  • He was a boy
    She was a girl
    Can I make it any more obvious?
    He was a punk
    She did ballet
    What more can I say?
    He wanted her
    She'd never tell
    Secretly she wanted him as well
    But all of her friends
    Stuck up their nose
    They had a problem with his baggy clothes

    He was a skater boy
    She said, "see you later, boy"
    He wasn't good enough for her
    She had a pretty face
    But her head was up in space
    She needed to come back down to earth

    Five years from now
    She sits at home
    Feeding the baby, she's all alone
    She turns on TV
    Guess who she sees
    Skater boy rockin' up MTV
    She calls up her friends
    They already know
    And they've all got tickets to see his show
    She tags along
    Stands in the crowd
    Looks up at the man that she turned down

    He was a skater boy
    She said, "see you later, boy"
    He wasn't good enough for her
    Now he's a super star
    Slammin' on his guitar
    Does your pretty face see what he's worth?

    He was a skater boy
    She said, "see you later, boy"
    He wasn't good enough for her
    Now he's a super star
    Slammin' on his guitar
    Does your pretty face see what he's worth?

    Sorry, girl, but you missed out
    Well, tough, luck that boy's mine now
    We are more than just good friends
    This is how the story ends
    Too bad that you couldn't see
    See the man that boy could be
    There is more that meets the eye
    I see the soul that is inside

    He's just a boy
    And I'm just a girl
    Can I make it any more obvious?
    We are in love
    Haven't you heard
    How we rock each others world

    I'm with the skater boy
    I said, "see you later, boy"
    I'll be back stage after the show
    I'll be at the studio
    Singing the song we wrote
    About a girl you used to know

    I'm with the skater boy
    I said, "see you later, boy"
    I'll be back stage after the show
    I'll be at the studio
    Singing the song we wrote
    About a girl you used to know Writer/s: Avril Ramona Lavigne, Graham Edwards, Lauren Christy, Scott Alspach
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 53

  • Ovie from From CaAmazing song
  • Such Dude from Somewhere DankWhoever is worried about avril's feelings... hahahahahaha. she doesn't give a f--k what you think.
  • Big Mike from San Diego, Ca.Actually, the song Skaterboi is written about a guy named Marc Gould, front man of the then pop-punk band called Off By One and now front man of Bedford Grove. Marc and Avril were recording their first albums at the same time in L.A. with the same recording studio. We all often hung out together and when she was filming her Skaterboi video in the Hollywood Hills, she called Marc to come visit her on set.
  • Courtney from Martinsville, VaRe: John -Chino, Ca' Comment: Ummm, I don't really think you DON'T have choice in matters like that. For all I know you could be someone's daddy! I'm over what's happened to me and couldn't hate your ass if I tried because a rat's ass isn't worth anything. LOL
  • John from Chino, CaSorry haters. We can't all have been touched by daddy, or have grown up in an otherwise broken home, or have serious bouts of depression and suffer from anxiety. Some of us were put on this earth to actually have fun and enjoy ourselves. Pity us right?
  • Joe from New York, Ny"That misspelling is rather cheezy... Avril, I think you're trying too hard."
  • Kat from My World, VaDear Pepsy St. Ratford Canada,
    Just shut up! She is not a poser and who cares if she is not so pretty without makeup. You think your so hot but, I bet your just another crappy jerk that is always on the computer being mean so you make people love everything you love! So just go to hell jerk. And so just shut up. I have manners and I'm sick of people trashing on her so I really do have manner your just another hater so shut the hell up!
  • Hayley from Not Tellin, HiAvril rocks, period and if you don't like it then don't listen it's your choice. She's not a punk but she never said she was she's just her. And all you Dumbasses that are leaving fu**ed up comments Knock it off she Kicks Ass!!
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesNathan, how can you say that Canada has never produced a decent rock act other than (the overrated) Neil Young? Haven't you ever heard of The Band? Robbie Robertson? Joni Mitchell? Rush? Barenaked Ladies? Bachman Turner Overdrive? Jethro Tull? Just a few of a far larger number of decent rock artists to have come out of Canada!
  • Uzoma from Kano, OtherThanx Matt.
    Thanx Rayan. Avril Rocks. Period!
  • Aj from Napanee, OnFrom what I've heard, this song is actually about a guy from Napanee, and those of us who are from Napanee know who it is. And to those posters who claim that this song is about Avril's personal experience, it's definitely not. Avril was not a 'punk' in high school - she became a punk when her record label signed her. Catchy song, though. And good for her!

    On another note - Napanee banned skateboarding in the downtown area because skateboarders were intimidating the locals. The community did, however, give the skateboarders in the town a nice skate park to skate in.
  • Avril from Corinth, Greecethis is for all you that say bad things about avril lavigne.. first of all avril never said she was a punk... indeed, she disapproves of it.. u can see this on youtube.. and if someone likes avril lavigne.. but really likes her. he likes her music not only the way she dresses up or acts like or if she is prety or if she knows skating.. and he doesn't care if her songs are punk rock or pop punk or anything.. like i do.. i like her music and and i dont care if she is a punk or she is like britney spears... iu have to know that..
  • Don from B G, KyAVRIL wore a green NORTH WILKESBORO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL t-shirt in this video. Demand for these shirts soared after the video came out. World-wide sales of the shirts by the school provided enough profit for the school (in North Carolina) to buy new computers for their Computer Lab.
  • Isabelle from St. Paul, MnWhy is everybody ranting at her? She's not the only person out there that isn't the greatest. (I'm not saying that she sounds bad) Listen to the message, not what she classifies her 'sound' like. I think it's a good song all around, but I don't get the star thing in the video. Not to sound completly dumb...
  • Melodi from England, EnglandYour all being such jerks! i agree with samantha, southlake, TX, avril is probably reading these complaints and you guys are just so pathetic not knowing that. but it's still right to express your feeling, your confident enough to say what you think, and that's good, even if avril may get hurt. continue on posting your comments and complaints, there's more chatting and more communicating, which is really fun. oh and, i think the song sk8er boi is really cool and punk rock! i spent three days learning the lyrics off by heart. i made a practice guitar, so it can't really play music and it's not even a real guitar! i sang the song in my bedroom then i went into the living room and sang it to my parents. i got everything perfect!
  • Matthew from Milford, MaThis song is playable in Elite Beat Agents.

    "Nice driving, James!" "The name's Jack!"
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesRe: Alex: "I heard Avril Lavinge was not that happy until 2005 because she did not have a boyfriend until 2005" Good god! Avril did not have a boyfriend till she reached the grand old age of 21??!! Get the violins out! I'm 46 and have been single all my life! There's far more to life than just boy/girlfriends!
  • Brianna from Burbank, Caif you listen closely to the song it reveals that shes the girl that rejected him but they ended up gettin together because she says "he was a skaterboy I said see you later boy but i'll be backstage after the show."
  • Samantha from Southlake, TxSome of you guys are being kinda mean. I mean, maybe Avril is on right now reading what you're writing. She's got feelings too, and I mean, cmon, someones gotta stand up for her. I think she's a great singer and she's really talented. So quit being jerks and if you dont have anything good to write, dont write at all.
  • Lori from Glassport, PaI love this song. Avril you rock your my hero I love you
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaOne band thats also great and are from Canada is the Barenaked Ladies. I've got some of their CDs when they were only popular in Canada. Oh yea, I don't like this song.
  • Alex from Gaithersburg, MdI heard Avril Lavinge was not that happy until 2005 because she did not have a boyfriend intul 2005
  • Mike from Germantown, MdThis song went to number one here? If America sends an Avril Lavigine single to Number One, America is in sad shape.
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ilthis song is to confusing. but this song is good though. and she looks good for her age and she should never change her body at all.
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhShe is a wealthy, little girl, teeny bopper, and probably never got in trouble in her entire life. How the hell can she even consider herself punk, or even alternative? Not to mention the major point that Canada has never produced a decent rock artist (except Neil Young). Her poplarity is a testament to stupidity and retardation of rock music in this generation.
  • Aj from Cleveland, GaI remember the days of 2002... with the overplayedness of this song
  • Tina from Boise, IdAvril is such a poser!! She got all the dumb preps wearing ties and thinking there punk for doing it. And she can't skate. In all of her stupid music videos she is just on the skateboard, not riding it
  • Hollie from Portangeles, WaHey you guys Avril is just like any other person, she has feeling too. You know who gives a fuc* about if avril is a "poser" or a "Punk" she never said she was. It's just in one of her songs besides she diddn't write it so it dosen't matter. You need to leave her the fuc* alone and get a life, and stop bugging ours. I think she's a cool person and you know what her song arn't just 4 11-14 years olds some of my cusins are about 16 to 18 and still like avril's songs so back off.
    and by the way i'm a girl! (=
  • Josie from Auckland, New Zealandi think that avril has to write more of her own songs more than co-writing them
  • Jeff from Cleveland, Tnlol clagary has a point there you guys, what the hell does it matter wether or not she is a punk or not, whats it matter if she is a so called "poser" im not saying she is im not saying she isnt, this message board is made for commecnts bout the SONG not AVRIL! get a life, stop putting the poor chick who has more money then most of you/us can dream of, and use this for what its meant for. come on guys, what the h did she ever do to you? if you are a "real" "punk" then good for you. if your of todays punk then well yippy kiyay... get the hell over it.
  • Maria from Philadelphia, PaAvril Lavinge has a great voice and she could be so much more and have the respect of a lot more people if she seemed more true to herself (im not saying she is not but she has that whole i try to hard thing about her). And the people debating weather she is punk or not SHE IS NOT, punk is not the way you dress and its not the brands you were you could were fubu if you wanted to and be punk it is the way carry yourself and the attitude you have, its the wake up and get dressed as your walking out the door were a hat and not give a flying fuc* about what people think, she is not punk becuase she cares and she trys (im talking he persnality here). As for the music all her music is pop gone wanna be bad ass, and thats not a bad thing she has some great songs but she is pop and thats a FACT!!!
  • Ashlyn from Orlando, FlAvril is just another celeb who pretends to be such a badass, but isn't nothing more than a famous person being paid to be a poser!!
  • Claire from Oak Ridge, TnThis was a song i thought was a bit cheesy, bu she was in her prime, and i typed the lyrics in a file in spite of myself. I will always treasure her debut album, but these days, when she's wearing things real girls never would (i.e. corsets and tutus together), rhyming "dead" with "said"and rhyming that with "dead" again, one disc's enough for me.
  • Will from Electric Ladylandone more thought, somebody on here said "Do you have a succesful CD out right now?" That is completely stupid. Why listen to a singer merely because the singer is a better singer than you, and is a little succesful? Mili Vanili were succesful, why don't you listen to them? Most people on this board, I would guess, are better singers than Avril, so why don't you just listen to the sound of your own voice? But the main question, I will repeat again, Why listen to a singer, merely because they are better than you? Shouldn't that singer be better than a lot of other people besides you?
  • Will from Electric LadylandDisclaimer: I'm only here because it's #9 on the list, and I thought that some of the peoples comments might be funny. I was right!

    Anyways, I don't see how Avril is any different from the average pop "band". She sings songs that are listened to by mainly 11-14 year old girls, someone else writes her songs (except the stupid lyrics), and twice she has gotten into a hissy-fit with another teenybopper celebrity (first with Hilary Duff, then with Ashlee Simpson). She can't be punk because she has never said anything rebelious (besides the 2 hissy-fits, if you count those), she has nothing to say about the government, and the feel and sound of her music just doesn't sound anything like a punk band. If you want to listen to a real punk band, listen to the Dead Kennedys, then come back here and tell us Avril's similarities with them.
    Either way, I never liked punk anyways, not even the real stuff. I don't really understand the appeal. The only punk band I have ever liked is Rage Against the Machine. I never thought of them as a punk band until I read a comment from "Hans" saying they were. I suppose they are punk. The sound of the music is completely diffrent, but the ideals are the same. RATM is all about rebellion.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesRe: Avril = Punk? debate - the Sex Pistols weren't really punk either. Like Avril Lavigne, they were commercial pop. Calling them punk is calling Avril death metal. The Damned, The Stranglers and The Ruts were punk. I can't say I've ever heard Avril directly claiming to be punk anyway.
  • Euan from Glasgow, Scotlandnothing more to punk than singing it? since when could punks sing? i think its about time you gave the buzzcocks or the pistols a good listen...
  • Virna from Santo Domingo, Otherwell ,all i can say is that i used to like some of avril's songs but i suddenly started to notice that she's nothing more then a britney dressed up as a so called punk! ok .some of her song's at least give a positive message for young girls but come on can't they be at least honest and stop acting like something that they really aren't .
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandI gotta say - My fellow Mancunian is totally correct.

    Avril Lavigne is nothing more than a pop-idol reject dressed in Top Shop 'rock chick' attire - I'll give you a hint: Nowadays, the more spiky bracelets you have on, the less punk you are - punk is in the mind, not on the clothes rack...
  • Kristen from Campbellville, CanadaYa so why did you guys come here, because you like this song or to bash avril, how immature. So what if she sings pop, theres more to being a punk then singing it, she is now who says she can't change? She is nothing like Britney at all don't even compare the two, avril IS punk-pop, not even pop, not close. I don't even really like avril, but I like this song unlike you people that came here to insult her. I don't go to outcast's page and write how hip hop should die, so don't do it to other artist's pages its a waste of a comment. By the way NOFX is a really good punk band, so shut up about your no good punk after Ramones, I absolutly hate the Ramones but I like punk. So there you go, Anti-Flag, Choking Victums, and NOFX are way better. Don't talk about things you don't know, go to the warped tour then come back and bash punk. But do us all a favour and write it on outcast's page.
  • Dumb from Voodoo, Canadaavril is just a pop star feeding off the punk image. i have no problem with people liking her as long as you don't call it "punk rock". she is just another britney, brainwashed ones, just another britney. i can't see how anyone can think shes hot either, shes as ugly as hell!
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandDespite my hostility towards Avril Lavigne, I have to admit that I like this song. But it's the only one of Avril Lavigne's songs that's any good at all!
  • Hans from Oakdale, CaI like Avril's music. It has a nice flare to it and she can sing. However, give her a year and no one will remember Avril Lavigne. She is not punk. You want punk? Try listening to the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Rage Against the Machine, etc. Thats real punk. Avril, no matter how many times she and her fans say she is the "anti-britney", is as much Pop as any of those bozos
  • Matt from Lincoln, NeHer lyrics may sound a little cheesy, she may be a product of pop-culture, and may be a corporate-packaged immitation of a punk rocker, but she's a damn good role model for the younger crowd, especially younger girls. she sends a positive message to simply be yourself as opposed to the sexual, promiscuous persona portrayed by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I much rather have my little sister listening to her than the other two. Plus, Avril is f*#@%$ hot!!!!!!!!!!! I love those blue eyes!!!!!
  • Paulus from Tasmania, AustraliaBoi I H8 that song!!!
  • Conrad from Los Angeles, CaAvril will go, and so will this song.
  • Ryan from San Francisco, Cayou guys are all wack. avril is hot as hell. i don't care what anybody says. dude, when she sings that song where she's all, 'i don't know who you are, but i'm with you,' all i can do is sit in my chair and whisper to myself, 'i'm with you too, avril.'
  • Pepsy from St. Ratford, CanadaAvril is just a big poser who has to wear
    makeup to look good, shes extremely ugly
    with no makeup.
  • Leslie from Azle, TxWhether her stage persona is real or if she really wrote her music or not, i can really relate to some of her songs and she does a good job at putting feeling into them. Jade, you are right. Avril is young, new and is doing what she can to get onstage without taking off her clothes. Do any of you who are criticizing her have a CD, much less one that is doing this well?
    Leslie, TTU, Lubbock TX
  • Angie from Rockville, Mdum.. you try to be something uncommon. and the lyrics much as it shows you dont like preps and such..they ARE the ones who listen to your music.. not REAL punks. and once you ARE in'll realize how crappy the lyrics. are but hey.. aslong as youre happy.
  • Nora from Richfield, MnIt shows the 'maturity' level she is at. lol
  • Jade from Gympie, AustraliaAvril i rekon you rock! not just because of your music, but also because you're not ANOTHER Britney.
  • Marvin from East Brady, PaThat mispelling is rather cheezy...Avril, I think you're trying too hard.
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