Picture Me In A Hospital

Album: Sequel To The Prequel (2013)
  • Picture me in a hospital
    The blood runs red and the bags are full of...
    Oh it's terrible, makes me powerful
    On and on there's still a song for me
    I'm still around to sing it

    Each man has a secret
    To hide away
    And never say, never know, and so it goes

    Picture me in a hospital
    The blood runs cold and hall are full of
    Undesirables preaching parables
    False alarm there's still a charm for me
    Just wait and see

    If each man had his freedom
    And it was ours to say
    How to behave, ho who's to say

    So picture me in a hospital
    Blood runs raw and the bags are full of
    You're terrible and I'm invincible
    Picture me in a hospital
    The blood runs red and the bags are full of
    It's hysterical, and it makes me powerful

    False alarm there's still a song for me
    I'm just about around to sing it
    There's still a chance for me
    And I'm still here singing

    And so it goes
    On and on and on and so it goes

    And so it goes Writer/s: Drew Mcconnell, Peter Doherty
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Royalty Network, Bucks Music Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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