The Way He Makes Me Feel

Album: Yentl Soundtrack (1983)
Charted: 40
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  • There's no chill, and, yet I shiver.
    There's no flame, and, yet I burn.
    I'm not sure what I'm afraid of,
    And, yet I'm trembling.

    There's no storm, yet I hear thunder,
    And I'm breathless; why, I wonder?
    Weak one moment,
    Then the next I'm fine.

    I feel as if I'm falling, ev'ry time
    I close my eyes.
    And flowing through my body
    Is a river of surprise.
    Feelings are awakening,
    I hardly recognize
    As mine!

    What are all these new sensations?
    What's the secret they reveal?
    I'm not sure I understand,
    But I like the way I feel.

    Oh, why is it that ev'ry time
    I close my eyes he's there?
    The water shining on his skin;
    The sunlight in his hair.
    And all the while I'm thinking things
    That I can never share
    With him.

    I'm a bundle of confusion.
    Yes, it has a strange appeal.
    Did it all begin with him
    And the way he makes me feel?
    I like the way he makes me feel. Writer/s: ALAN BERGMAN, MARILYN BERGMAN, MICHEL LEGRAND
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Jerry from Brooklyn, NyYes, the movie was a kind of vanity project -- Striesand was in virtually every scene and she was the only one who sang anything. The movie would have been vastly improved if the tedious and often pretentious songs were dropped. It is a rather intriguing story of cultural differences, but the music is just plain awful, and the lyrics from the usually reliable Alan and Marilyn Bergman are pedestrian at best and often rather silly.
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