Money (That's What I Want)

Album: released as a single (1959)
Charted: 23
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  • Hey, fellas, have you heard the news,
    Yeah, the women in this town have been misused,
    Yeah, I seen it all in my dreams last night,
    Girls leaving this town 'cause you don't treat 'em right.
    Oh, take a train (take a train), fly by plane (fly by plane),
    Yeah, gettin' tired (gettin' tired), sick and tired (sick and tired).

    All you fellas better change your ways,
    Yeah, leaving this town in a matter of days,
    Girls are good, you better treat 'em true,
    I seen fellas running around with someone new.

    Gettin' tired (gettin' tired), sick and tired (sick and tired),
    Yeah, leavin' here (leavin' here), leavin' here (leavin' here),
    I said leavin' here, yeah yeah yeah, don't want to leave all here,
    Be a while, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

    The love of a women is a wonderful thing (oh yeah),
    Yeah, the way you treat 'em is a crying shame (oh yeah),
    I tell you, fella, yeah, it won't be long (oh yeah),
    Yeah, before these women they all have gone (oh yeah).

    Yeah, gettin' tired (gettin' tired), sick and tired (sick and tired),
    Yeah, take a train (take a train), fly by plane (fly by plane),
    Yeah, gonna leavin' here, yeah leavin' here,
    Yeah, leavin' here, ya gonna leave all here now,
    Baby baby baby, please don't leave here.

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  • Ronda Shallow from Sarasota FloridaThe information may be wrong ......Ivory Joe Hunter the pianist and although Barrett was a pianist he only was the singer on this song.
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaOne of my fav John vocals. Sadly this song describes today's society very well, especially sports figures. Loved the rocking piano on the Beatles version.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn March 8th 1964, the Kingmen's covered version of "Money" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #82; and seven weeks later on April 26th, 1964 it peaked at #16 {for 1 week} and spent 11 weeks on the top 100...
    Exactly four years earlier on March 8th, 1960 the original version of the song by Barrett Strong was at #45 on the Top 100; and a month later on April 18th, 1964 it peaked at #23 for one week...
    Between November 1963 and May 1966 the group had eight Top 100 records; with two making the Top 10, they were "Louie, Louie"* {#2 for 6 weeks in 1963} and "The Jolly Green Giant" {#4 in 1965}
    * "Louie, Louie" re-entered the Top 100 in 1966 for a two week stay, peaking at #97.
  • Sandi from Dayton, OhThe BEST version was recorded by The Kingsmen in 1964. Went to #16.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaThey need a songfact for the Flying Lizards' version of this.
  • Matt from Saugus, MaSorry, mistake. I was thinking of You've Really Got A Hold On Me, by the Miracles.
  • Matt from Saugus, MaThe version the Beatles based their version on was by "Smoky Joe" Robinson and the Miracles.
  • Sean from Toronto, CanadaThis song was also covered by Hanson, and it appears on their "Live From Albertane" CD.
  • Nikki from Remington, VaA version of this song was featured in the movie 'Empire Records'. It was played as a 'dedication' to one of the characters that had commited larceny earlier in the movie.
  • Janetlee from Panama City, FlI LOVE this song !! It makes you want to get up and dance around the house ! And no one could sing it like Strong !
  • Brett from Edmonton, CanadaAlso covered by the Blues Brothers.
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