God Save The Jungle

Album: I Tell a Fly (2017)
  • [Intro]
    (Once you get to England and now you have to give up)
    (Yeah, yeah, give up)

    [Verse 1]
    Welcome to jungle, dear
    Where tensions do amount
    And kids must grow as quick as possible
    Welcome to jungle, dear
    Risk it on a tooth or bone
    As you travel along, come and run run to the roads

    [Verse 2]
    Welcome to jungle, dear
    Where lorries are chariots, railways are stairways
    Stairways to heaven, Heaven is Britain
    Oh alien, oh alien
    Aliens on foreign land again
    Better beat it and go back home
    Cause if they find you they will kill ya!

    God save
    God save
    God save
    God save

    Welcome to the jungle, dear (welcome to the jungle)
    Jungle, dear (welcome to the jungle)
    Jungle, dear (welcome to the jungle)
    Jungle (welcome to the jungle)

    (Take all you need)
    (Make sure you leave some behind)
    (Welcome to the jungle)
    (Welcome to the jungle)
    (Welcome to the jungle)
    Jungle, jungle

    God save the jungle


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