Vertebrae By Vertebrae

  • Up on the toe
    There is a view
    Up on the toe
    And the spine

    Straight and erect
    Hungry and curious
    Up on the toe
    Looking forward to

    The air is thinner here

    She came here
    To lose face
    Got down on her knees
    The beast is back

    On four legs
    Set her clock to the moon
    Raises her spine

    Vertebrae by vertebrae
    Up on the toe

    I have been filled with steam for months, for years
    Same old cloud, claustrophobic me
    Let it burst like old train sounds
    Make them leave me nature

    Vertebrae by vertebrae by vertebrae

    My arms squeeze out of my shoulders

    And the arms squeeze out of my shoulders
    I curl my tail in words
    I set my clock on the moon
    Vertebrae by vertebrae

    Please release this pressure of me
    Please release this pressure of me
    Please release this pressure of me
    Let off some steam Writer/s: BJORK GUDMUNDSDOTTIR
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • The R from Hoboken, NjThis song is also about her daughter while in the womb.
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