• Deep in the heart of Germany
    Lucy clutched her breast in fear
    She heard the beat of her lover's heart
    For weeks she raved in dreams he appeared
    From far Transylvania

    Only a woman can break his spell
    Pure in heart who will offer herself
    To Nosferatu

    This ship pulled in without a sound
    The faithful captain long since cold
    He kept his log till the bloody end
    Last entry read "Rats in the hold.
    My crew is dead, I fear the plague"

    Only a woman can break his spell
    Pure in heart who will offer hefself
    To Nosferatu

    Mortal terror reigned
    Sickness now then horrible death
    Only Lucy knew the truth
    And at her window

    So chaste so calm, she gave herself
    To the pleasure of her dreaded master
    He sucked the precious drops of life
    Throughout the long and cold dark night

    One last goodbye, he was blinded by love
    One last goodbye, he was blinded by love
    Blinded by love

    He screamed with fear, he'd stayed too long in her room
    The morning sun had come too soon
    The spell was broken with a kiss of doom
    He vanished into dust, left her all alone

    Only a woman can break his spell
    Pure in heart, who will offer herself
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Joe from Grants Pass, OrOne o' my fav bands of all times-seen 'em lots of times; from '75 on...
  • Joe from Grants Pass, OrAlan Lanier is one of the most UNDERRATED musicians of my (or any other ) time !!
  • Joe from Sacramento, Caalso one of my favorite b.o.c. songs based on a movie, joan crawford
  • Benn from Arcola, IlActually, the song is based on the 1922 German silent film, "Nosferatu". The lyrics tell the same story the movies does. Incidentally, the movie "Nosferatu" was a loose adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel, "Dracula".

    "Nosferatu" is not the only B.O.C. to be based on a movie, btw. "Vengeance (The Pact)" (from the "Fire of Unknown Origin" album) is based on the final segment of the movie "Heavy Metal". It was submitted for the film, in fact.
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