Black Rider

Album: Rough And Rowdy Ways (2020)
  • Black rider, black rider, you've been living too hard
    Been up all night, have to stay on your guard
    The path that you're walking, too narrow to walk
    Every step of the way, another stumbling block
    The road that you're on, same road that you know
    Just not the same as it was a minute ago

    Black rider, black rider, you've seen it all
    You've seen the great world and you've seen the small
    You fell into the fire and you're eating the flame
    Better seal up your lips if you wanna stay in the game
    Be reasonable, mister, be honest, be fair
    Let all of your earthly thoughts be a prayer

    Black rider, black rider, all dressed in black
    I'm walking away, you try to make me look back
    My heart is at rest, I'd like to keep it that way
    I don't wanna fight, at least not today
    Go home to your wife, stop visiting mine
    One of these days, I'll forget to be kind

    Black rider, black rider, tell me when, tell me how
    If there ever was a time, then let it be now
    Let me go through, open the door
    My soul is distressed, my mind is at war
    Don't hug me, don't flatter me, don't turn on the charm
    I'll take a sword and hack off your arm

    Black rider, black rider, hold it right there
    The size of your cock will get you nowhere
    I'll suffer in silence, I'll not make a sound
    Maybe I'll take the high moral ground
    Some enchanted evening, I'll sing you a song
    Black rider, black rider, you've been on the job too long Writer/s: Bob Dylan
    Publisher: AUDIAM, INC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Andy Anon from New ZealandBlack Rider seems to me to be his own consciousness. Maybe mixed with the chattering mind or ego that never stops. The writer is saying”you lead me down false trails, I’m reaching for my true soul.”
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